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There is a big difference between visiting a public pool for the day and having a swim space right at home. An accessible swim space is a great addition to any property but they don’t come without a lot of maintenance. Without technical knowledge keeping a swimming pool clean can feel like a full-time job but our Puddle Pros are here to help! Professional Squamish residential pool services are committed to keeping backyard swim spaces clean and sanitary so you can kick back and relax this summer.

Pool maintenance is not as simple as just throwing in a few chemicals and skimming out floating debris. When you shock your pool it might provide a bit of superficial improvement to visuals but this isn’t enough to clean and balance water. If you aren’t careful skimming, scrubbing, water balancing and vacuuming can take up all of your leisure time — unless you call a Puddle Pro that is!

Residential Pool Care: What to Expect

Every year, pool owners try to take care and maintenance into their own hands only to end up with subpar results or cloudy water. In addition to looking awful, a contaminated swimming pool is a serious risk to health and safety. Dirty water can lead to RWIs or recreational water illnesses like eye and ear infections, skin irritations and, in extreme cases, digestive issues and even e-coli poisoning. In addition to keeping track of chlorine levels, it is important to monitor pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. If this sounds like a lot — it is! Luckily, our Puddle technicians have broken services down into a multi-step treatment.

When you want to remove debris from your pool system, skimming water surfaces isn’t enough to get results. Lighter items will float along water surfaces but heavier ones will sink to the bottom of pools, resting against liners and causing stains. Stained liners will create an unpleasant visual and the only way to improve it is with a full replacement. In addition to buildup in areas that you can see, skimmer baskets are always collecting debris. Without regular removal organic items will rot and break apart, becoming even more difficult to remove and contaminating water.

In addition to pool chemicals, keeping water crystal clear depends on internal water systems. Without a functional circulation system, chemicals are not being dispersed throughout whole pool basins. This means chemicals will be stuck in some areas while others won’t be treated at all, opening the door for algae growth and bacteria buildup. It is also important to check pool pumps, as well as the pool filter. Depending on the style of filter that you choose (cartridge filters or sand filters) these will either need to be taken out, dried and stored, or have sand removed and replaced. Without these, even newly cleaned water will go cloudy or discoloured in no time.

An amateur approach to pool care will have a ripple effect throughout the entire water system. Basic test strips can help to point out simple water imbalances but they can’t help to assess condition of filters, return lines or other key features. Instead of waiting for the worst case scenario, call a Puddle technician today.

The Puddle Guarantee: Expert Pool Care At Home

When you want the best results for your swimming pool, water features or hot tubs, just call a local Puddle Pro! Our technicians don’t have to struggle with basic tools or amateur chemical applications because we are outfitted with top of the line resources designed to get the best possible results. From telescopic poles, manual vacuums and top water testers, there is no area that our experts can’t handle.

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Squamish area so we know what your swim space is up against, at any time of year. By providing routine cleaning programs, as well as seasonal care, single service calls and inspections, our team of Puddle technicians can handle it all! In addition to great results, our experts provide peace of mind with fully insured services to protect pools, surrounding areas and the crews themselves.

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Ryan O'Sullivan
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We use Puddle Pool Service to take care of out hot tub. Team is very responsive and professional. Their manager Mark is polite and knowledgeable. Highly Recommend Puddle Pool Service.

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Highly recommend these guys! Jason was punctual, polite, very professional when servicing our hot tub. I rent AirBnBs in the area and I believe I will use their services again for other units. Thank you!

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Lisa came to our place to work on the pool, to get it ready for winter, and mentioned they can also service the hot tub. Pretty happy with the results after a couple visits, will call again!

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