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Having a swimming pool on your property is a luxury but the servicing and repairing of these water features is anything but! Taking a dip or swimming laps is a great way to relax or get a bit of exercise but it is important to keep your pool clean. From pool covers to water balance, there are a lot of moving parts to your pool, but our experts can help to keep it in great shape.

When it comes to your Squamish pool cleaning services, no one does it better than a Puddle Pool Pro! Highly trained technicians provide top to bottom cleans, in order to keep your pool and spa a safe and sanitary environment for family, friends, guests and customers.

The Ins and Outs of Pool Care

From the outside, pool cleaning seems simple enough: toss in a chlorine puck, fire up the pool vacuum and dive on in. While certain tools and chemicals are necessary to the smooth running of your system, there is a lot more to it than just that. With an in-depth understanding of your filtration system, there is a great potential for pricey damage.

Regular pool maintenance services can be broken down into water care, equipment and surrounding areas. Focusing on one area alone can create an imbalance in the overall condition of your system. When you want a top to bottom clean with an excellent result, a multi-step approach is the key to success.

Pool Water: Far from just grabbing a garden hose and filling up your pool, maintaining clean water involves regular testing and sanitizing. It is easy enough to reach for a testing kit to identify an imbalance in pH levels or point out issues with chemical balance, but from there you have to know how to solve these problems. Balancing sanitizer and chlorine levels prevents algae from forming and taking over.

Pool Equipment: In addition to water care, it is important to scrub and sanitize everything that goes into it. From physical items that sit in your water, such as floating skimmer baskets; to fixtures like slides and diving boards or your pool filter itself. If filters are not properly cleaned and inspected, they can become clogged, which puts strain on motors.

Surrounding Areas: A proper pool service does not stop at those things that float! Whether your pool area is seldom used or extremely high traffic, there are always body products and skin oils being released into water. These foreign items can create residue on walls, on pool floors and steps. This residue is not only unsanitary but it can also create slippery surfaces that can lead to serious injury.

The Consequences of an Unclean Pool

Failing to keep pools clean means more than an unattractive look. If your pool filter system becomes clogged, bacteria can begin to grow and spread, resulting in unsanitary water and recreational water illnesses for anyone who steps inside. These illnesses can range from minor symptoms like skin irritation to more severe eye and ear infections and even digestive illness.

Sitting algae and other unwanted or invasive growth can also lead to structural issues within your system. If liners are damaged or worn down. you can expect water seepage and even potential flooding to nearby structures. One deterrent to hiring professionals to check your pool is the additional costs of hiring help, but regular cleaning costs far less than repairs and replacements.

Choosing Puddle Pool Experts

When you want the best results for your pool, ditch the test strips and opt for professional care. With fully insured staff, our Puddle Pool Pros provide peace of mind, as well as great results. Different pools will require a different level of care, particularly when you factor in the level of traffic. High traffic areas like hotels or recreational centres demand more attention, and our technicians are able to provide it!

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