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Squamish is a hot spot for outdoor activities but when you’ve finished a long day on the slopes are have just finished a gruelling hike, nothing feels better than soaking in a spa. Whether you are on an outdoorsy vacation or are trying to unwind after a long work day, a hot tub can help you de-stress – but only if it is clean!

Professional Squamish hot tub maintenance can help to keep your system running smoothly, so all you have to do is relax. From balancing water to scrubbing sides, steps and surfaces, a proper clean is a tall order, but there is nothing that our Puddle Pool Pros can’t handle. From backyard water features to hotels and recreation centres, one call does it all for your hot tub care.

What Is In Your Water Feature?

It is not uncommon to take a quick drink from a garden hose on a hot day and while this water does come out clean, it doesn’t stay that way when it is left to sit over long periods. In order to be kept sanitary, water needs to be treated regularly with sanitizers and chemicals like chlorine or bromine. The more bodies that enter your hot tub, the more contaminants enter your system, and that means in-depth cleaning, done more frequently.

Two of the main factors that impact the overall condition of your spa or water feature are: the amount of traffic and the surrounding plant life. It is hard to imagine that the type of greenery around your space can have such a strong impact on your water chemistry, but it does. Even a light wind can dislodge leaves and lighter items, letting them clutter up surfaces. If left floating, these items can sink and leave stains on liners.

For those areas that are high traffic, like hotels, recreation centres or even homes, every body that enters your hot tub water will contribute to its overall condition. Hair spray, sunscreen, body lotions and oils soak off of skin and scalps, resting in water. These foreign items will leave residue on the sides of your hot tub shell, meaning a slimy feel and bacteria are left behind.

Without the right balance of hot tub chemicals, these contributing factors can lead to a heavy bacteria presence. Not only do these look terrible and put your spa at risk – it is a risk to the people inside! Water care is a key component of a healthy spa but it is also a health issue for those who are taking a dip.

Keep Your Water Clean: Health & Safety

Pools and hot tubs are meant to be a relaxing way to spend an afternoon but without the right attention to detail, taking a dip can mean ending up with an unexpected illness. RWI’s are Recreational Water Illnesses, usually impacting eyes, ears and skin. In a more extreme case, bathers can end up with complications from e-coli.

If bacteria has taken over your tub, a simple skimming and shock treatment may not be enough. Hot tub cleaning should be broken down into different types and stages, from light skimming and surface treatments, to deep cleans. A deep clean may involve fully or partially draining your hot tub and scrubbing surfaces with specialized tools and cleaners, designed to get results without the risk.

In addition to wiping down walls, floors, seats and surfaces, it is important to address the surrounding areas and equipment as well. Inspecting hot tub filters is key to a well maintained circulation system, which is the lifeblood of a clean system. If there is bacteria on a spa cover, it does not take much for these to contaminate water. For a full clean, ditch the test strips and opt for a professional cleaning instead.

Choosing Puddle Pro Pool Cleaners

Finding the right hot tub cleaner for your space can be a complicated process. There are plenty of options in the phone book for pool cleaners but this does not guarantee the right results. When you are looking to improve the look and function of your water feature, rely on our highly experienced crews for help.

Instead of amateur and potentially unsafe practices, Puddle Pros know the best way to treat your space and everything involved in it. Even simple ideas like cutting power to the hot tub before filter inspections or any work that needs to be done on motors can help to protect technicians. From spa filters to hot tub covers, nothing escapes the watchful eye of our highly trained technicians.

Fully insured staff provide great results and peace of mind to our clients. From indoor areas to outdoor spaces, and from salt water to fresh water features, there is nothing that our team of experts can’t handle. No matter the traffic level of your spa, we have a program that fits! For high use areas, it is a good idea to speak with a professional to organize your weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services.

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