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Keeping up with pool maintenance is tough at the best of times, but during a seasonal change, it is even worse. As temperatures begin to warm, homeowners are quick to clean out closets and start spring cleans, but pools are often neglected. Waiting until the last minute to open your pool can mean missing out on beautiful days, or even losing income in a commercial space. When you want to make the most out of summer for your family, friends, tenants, guests and even customers, trust a Puddle Pro! Professional Squamish pool opening services care for your water system inside and out, creating an all around clean and condition.

Spring Pool Care: Understanding Your System

Unlike a basic kiddie pool that you can fill with a garden hose and hop on in, pool system are complicated. As nice as it might seem to throw back a pool cover and begin using your pool right away, doing this without proper treatments can lead to serious illness. Contaminated water is known to transmit RWIs, recreational water illnesses. RWIs come in many forms, including skin irritations, eye and ear issues, digestive illness and, in extreme conditions, even e-coli poisoning.

In addition to monitoring water condition, a proper pool opening means looking over condition and structures, as well as undoing any steps that had taken place during a closing. Drain plugs, for example, are routinely closed up to prevent water from seeping in and freezing. Water levels are also dropped to fall just below jets and skimmer lines to protect internal mechanisms. Freezing water makes plastic brittle, leading to breakage and the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Swimming pools wouldn’t function without an efficient circulation system. It is important to keep an eye on chlorine levels but without a functional motor, pump and filter, pool chemicals are not properly distributed throughout the entire pool system. If this is the case, using a test kit on one end of your pool can produce a much different result from the other. Instead of relying on basic test strips, it is always a good idea to have your water tested by an expert in the field, creating a clearer picture of overall condition.

Whether you are hosting a backyard gathering, a swim lesson or are just sitting poolside, no one wants to see debris floating along water surfaces. Leaving items on surfaces can quickly lead to overloaded skimmer baskets and filters. As the swimming season comes around, it is important to ensure that you don’t remove the cover to reveal a blanket of debris. In order to fully remove debris, it is important to skim surfaces, as well as vacuum the pool bottom and clean out the pool filter to ensure you are starting with a clean slate.

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