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Squamish Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Keeping a pool clean is necessary at any time of year, but as seasons change, pool owners have more on their plate than ever. With a busy schedule, it is easy to let a pool closing get delayed or having a pool opening fall by the wayside. Make the most out of your swimming season and protect your pool with our expert Squamish seasonal pool maintenance services.

Professional pool care not only creates a safe and sanitary area for friends, family, guests and customers, it helps to prolong the life of your pool. DIY pool care often ends in disaster, so ditch the risk and opt for just rewards by calling Puddle Pools for your more complicated treatments.

Seasonal Pool Care: What to Know

When it comes to managing swimming pools, balancing the water chemistry is only one aspect of proper care. While chemical levels are key to keeping a sanitary swimming environment but so is managing pool equipment, covers, sides and surfaces, as well as circulation systems. In addition to an overall clean, professional seasonal pool maintenance can provide helpful tips and tricks to keep your water feature in the best shape possible.

In the same way that water can contain algae, unwanted growth can form on equipment and tools. Floating skimmer baskets, for example can have bacteria on them. Putting this back into clean water just adds a contaminant to your pool. This is why it is important to properly clean and sanitize all pool equipment with every seasonal clean.

With so many moving parts to a water feature, it is important to consider all things, large and small. Everything can have an impact on your space. Pool covers, for example can play an unexpected role. Mesh covers are great in warmer months but a well lit and warm environment is the ideal place for algae to form and spread. Winter covers help to maintain water balance.

Opening Up & Closing Down

Whether you are restarting your pool for the season or are closing down in bad weather, there are some things that you need to be aware of:

Opening Up: If water has been sitting stagnant for months, it is important to treat your water feature with a top to bottom treatment. Dropping water levels is a recommended part of any closing process, so chances are, you are dealing with lower than usual levels in Spring. After sitting this long, there is likely a good deal of bacteria left behind in the remaining water. A shock treatment can help to treat any amount of water. From here, it is important to inspect all different areas to ensure a smooth running system.

Closing Down: If temperatures are taking a steep dip, it is time to think about closing down your pool. In the later days of Fall, water can freeze and thaw, and mechanisms can expand and contract. This can wreak havoc on your system, leading to damage. Draining water levels is always a good idea but it is important to do this properly. Failing to properly drain pools can lead to drowned lawns and potential water damage and flooding.

Don’t bother with trial and error when it comes to your pool maintenance. With locally owned and operated services right around the corner, there is never a bad time to test the water and prep your pool.

Puddle Power: Getting the Best Results

A test kit might provide a bit of insight into the overall condition of your water but it does not tell you how to sort out chemical levels. When it comes to cleaning, no one gets better results that our Puddle Pool Pros. From managing an in-ground or above ground pool or treating single family swim areas to hotels and public pools, there is nothing that our experienced technicians can’t handle.

Fully insured technicians provide peace of mind, along with booking options 24 hours a day. Whether by phone or online, there is never a bad time to schedule a Puddle Pool Service.

Squamish Seasonal Pool Maintenance

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