Lady Lake Water Feature Maintenance

A water fountain can add a ton of character to any home or commercial space. Features can be small or large, in a single tier or towering skyward but no matter the size or style of your features, they all need to be kept clean. When it comes to a fountain, all it takes is a bit of neglect to have structures covered in scum and residue, cloudy or discoloured water and struggling water systems. Instead of learning to live with dirty water systems, let Puddle Pros restore your fountain with expert Lady Lake water feature maintenance. 

Every year, property owners try to tackle their fountain cleaning with a soft cloth and a bit of mild soap or white vinegar. This might work to take stains off of countertops indoors but keeping water features clean is a more complicated process and it requires a custom treatment plan. Outdoor water fountains may have the same moving parts as an indoor model but keeping each of these clean requires different techniques and the ability to diagnose common threats in each. Luckily, our Puddle Pros aren’t new to this! Puddle technicians are local to your area, so we know what you are up against and we are here to help! 

Water Feature Care: What to Watch Out For 

When you want to clean an outdoor fountain it is easy to think that pressure washing surfaces is the best way to get rid of algae growth and stains. Taking a heavy-handed approach to aged or weakened materials will lead to unexpected breakage and the need for costly repairs. Instead of taking a DIY approach to fountain care and cleaning, avoid disaster by calling a local expert. 

Keeping your systems running smoothly can be tricky but the best way to get great results is with a customized treatment plan. After years in the industry our team of Puddle technicians are able to create service plans for indoor and outdoor fountains of all sizes, makes and models. 

Indoor Fountains: When fountains are indoors they are not exposed to the elements in the same way that outdoor models are but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need attention. Whenever hard water is involved, fountains are prone to mineral deposits of white scale forming. If left to build, this can cause issues for your circulation systems. 

Outdoor Fountains: Outdoor fountain maintenance is complicated because these features are left out in the elements all year long. You might keep your fountain covered throughout the winter but this isn’t enough to protect them from the cold. Throughout the year, fountains experience debris build-up, algae growth and are vulnerable to water contamination. It is not enough to just remove debris, you will need to drop the water level for long periods of disuse so contaminants are not building up inside internal water systems. 

Even with regular maintenance, it is a good idea to perform a deep clean on fountains every few years. This means having to drain the water from the fountain itself, acid wash surfaces and apply chemical treatments for clean water and increased curb appeal. 

Puddle Water Fountain Cleaning: The Best Results in Lady Lake 

Without technical training it can be difficult to diagnose issues with your fountain and tough to keep them clean. Whenever there is algae or residue involved, surfaces will become slippery and it is difficult to reach upper tiers in larger fountains. Don’t take a chance on your health and safety or risk injury when you can call a Puddle Pro instead. Each member of the Puddle team is fully equipped with all of the necessary tools, resources and safety features to get the best results without the risk. 

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