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Having a swimming pool at home can add value to your property and enjoyment to your summer — but only if they are kept clean! Cloudy, discoloured or swampy looking swim spaces are enough to send guests running in the opposite direction and are even a hazard to health and safety. If you are struggling to keep up with the needs of your swimming pool, call an expert to keep your water systems running smoothly. Lady Lake residential pool services maintain crystal clear water, smooth running systems and prolong the lifespan of your swim space. 

Pool care at home can be overwhelming. Unlike a commercial or public swimming pool that might have a team of individuals taking care of it, homeowners are left all on their own. Anyone can visit a pool supply store for testing kits and a starter set of pool chemicals but putting these to use is a more complicated process. It can take weeks or even months to figure out how to take care of your pool but during that time, you might be dealing with algae, contaminants and even damage. The needs of your pool will also change throughout the year. There is nothing worse than finally creating a spring pool cleaning plan only to find that it doesn’t work for the summer, and this goes for every season. 

Pool Maintenance Plans Unique to Your Home 

Pool cleaning is a multi-step approach. Just throwing in a chlorine puck might help to clear away some cloudiness but it isn’t enough to create a sanitary swim space. When you want the best results for your pool, trust Puddle to come up with a treatment plan that suits the unique needs of your home. 

Water Balancing: The amount of chlorine or sanitizers in your pool will have a direct impact on the clarity, colour and condition of your pool water. No one wants to step foot into cloudy water but worse than that, it can make you sick! It is easy enough to add chemicals to pool water but balancing them means monitoring not only sanitizer levels but pH levels, alkalinity and calcium as well. Without proper cleaning and sanitizing, water becomes contaminated and poses a health risk to anyone who steps inside. 

Debris Removal: Removing debris from a pool might seem simple enough: grab a skimmer for surface items or flip the switch on a pool vacuum. These methods might work for some items but they aren’t enough to get rid of everything. Standard pool vacuums can pull items from the bottom of the pool but they are not designed to reach into hard angles, navigate stairs or get into corners. If these areas are not properly cleaned, bacteria, debris and even algae or mold can start to build up, contaminating water. Speciality tools and manual vacuums make it possible to get into even the hardest to reach areas. In addition to removing unwanted items from the basin itself, is important to empty skimmer baskets as well. 

Filters & Equipment: No matter the type of pool that you are dealing with, they all rely on a series of internal pieces and components that keep water moving. Keeping your pool cleaner means keeping your filtration and circulation systems in good shape. Without a working pool pump, water will become stagnant. If chemical treatments are not being circulated throughout pool water, it will be contaminated in no time at all. Moving water will also help to push water through your internal systems, letting the pool filter do its thing and remove bits of debris that pass through. 

Seasonal Pool Care: Throughout the course of the year, your swimming pool goes through a lot. Even if you have a handle on the basics of pool care, it is tough to keep up with seasonal treatments. Closing down a pool for the off-season can help to prevent excessive contaminants or damage. As spring comes back around pool owners want to soak up every second of sunshine and that means opening a pool. After months of sitting idle, a pool might be cloudy, discoloured or covered in algae blooms. An amateur approach to cleaning can leave contaminants behind which are a serious risk to health and safety. Without the appropriate tools, it can take days or even weeks to get water levels restored and chlorine levels balanced and during that time you are wasting the nice weather. Calling an expert means efficient services and excellent results. 

The Best in Residential Pool Care Throughout Lady Lake 

Some homeowners view professional pool care as a luxury but creating a specialized treatment plan can prolong the lifespan of internal water systems and help to improve efficiency. This means avoiding the need for costly repairs and replacements and reducing daily running costs. Don’t waste time and energy on multiple trips to the pool supply store, collecting chemicals and supplies when you can have them brought to your front door along with an expert who can put them to use! 

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Lady Lake area, so we understand what your pools are up against. Highly trained and experienced technicians provide top results and being fully insured provides peace of mind to our clients. With options for routine pool care, seasonal treatments, inspections and even leak detection, our team of Puddle Pros take care of your swimming pool all year long. 

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