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For residents in Florida, water is life! From the food that you eat, to how you travel and where you build your homes, everything is dependent on water. Whether you are taking a stroll by a canal in the city, or are having coffee on a private dock, not all water is meant to be swam in. There is not better way to soak up the sunshine than in a freshly cleaned pool. By calling a Puddle Pro for your property in The Villages, pool cleaning is a breeze at any time of year. Puddle technicians protect pools from the elements, keep swimmers safe and can even reduce running costs.

Florida is known for its temperamental weather and this can play a huge role in the overall condition of your swim space. For any outdoor pool and spa, heavy rains, high winds and warm weather have an impact on water condition and can contribute to unwanted growth, like algae. When you want to keep your swimming pool looking it’s best and running smoothly, we have got a program for you!

Pool Cleaning in The Villages: What to Know & What to Expect

During the course of regular pool maintenance, it is easy to get caught up on the condition of pool water, alone. While water might be the most visible aspect of your swimming pool, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes! Failing to treat water systems from the inside out can quickly result in damage and the need for expensive pool repair and costly replacements. Whether you are looking after a single-family home or are cleaning pools for tenants, routine cleanings help you make the most out of summer.

Pool Water: When you want to test your water, a basic kit can give you a bit of insight but these often only focus on a single area alone. A reading of chlorine levels is great but when crystal clear water depends on pH levels, total alkalinity and other key factors. Understanding how to balance water chemistry means in-depth readings and technical knowledge of how to handle and apply pool chemicals. A chemical treatment plan will vary from one property to another depending on surrounding area, so let an expert add, subtract and tweak as necessary.

Pool Filters & Equipment: Many parts of pool systems are operating just out of view, so it is easy to overlook them. Anyone can grab a skimmer or telescopic pole and remove floating debris but your pool filters are always hard at work. The most common types of filtration systems throughout The Villages, Florida are cartridge filters and sand filters. Inspections of filtrations systems should be a standard part of cleaning, maintenance and care. Replacing cartridges quarterly is a great way to keep things running smoothly, while sand filters need to be emptied and replaced after a matter of years.

Dealing With Debris: If not removed regularly, floating debris will get caught up in skimmer baskets or overload filters. Skimming out floating debris routinely helps to eliminate the issue before it becomes worse. Floating organics will rot and break apart, becoming smaller and more difficult to remove. In the case of a vinyl liner, sunken debris will eventually cause permanent staining. A pool vacuum can help to remove some of these items but can’t reach into corners, remove residue from walls or clean off stairs.

Circulation Systems: If water is sitting stagnant, it does not take long for it to become contaminated. If water is not circulating, chemicals are not being spread throughout water. If your pool pump or motor is struggling, it will not take long to experience cloudy water, algae growth or discolourations. Cold weather can cause plastic to become brittle and crack, causing issues.

Puddle Pool Services: Not Your Average Pool Cleaners

There are plenty of pool cleaning services throughout The Villages but our Puddle Pros stand out from the competition. Proper pool care requires years of on-going training and experience and our Puddle Pros have done the hard work for you! Each member of the Puddle team is not only highly trained and experienced, but they are also fully insured to protect properties and surrounding areas.

Puddle technicians are able to treat everything from sanitizer levels and water condition, slippery walls and flooring, built up debris and more! In addition to great results, our team of pool specialists provide peace of mind and excellent customer service. Puddle crews are local to your area, so we know exactly what you are up against. Ditch the trial and error and opt for expert care instead!

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