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When trying to find a leak in a swimming pool, there is a lot of ground to cover! Swimming pool leaks can start small and become worse and worse over time so quick action is key to avoiding disaster. Water loss can occur in structures, plumbing and even in pool equipment itself. Don’t spend your time struggling with trial and error trying to track down leaks when you can call Puddle for quick and efficient results instead. Throughout The Villages, pool leak detection is an important process and our Puddle Pros are committed to getting the best results for our clients.

Part of what makes leak detection in pools so complicated is that there are many parts that keep them moving and each of these is vulnerable to damage and leaks. If you begin to notice that your water level is dropping or utility bills are high, don’t hesitate to call a Puddle technician to inspect structures, plumbing and equipment to ensure systems are running smoothly.

Pool Leak Detection: What to Watch Out For

The major indicators that you are dealing with a leak are water loss and higher water bills. If you begin to notice that there are puddles of water around your pool without reason, there is a good chance that you are dealing with an underground leak or a structural leak in an above ground pool. The longer that your leak is left untreated the worse your issues become so it is important for pool owners to be vigilant.

If you notice your water level dropping, it is important to ask: have you been dealing with higher outdoor temperatures? Has your pool been a high traffic space lately? It is common to experience some water loss if there are tons of bodies going in and out of your pool. High heats cause evaporation that will burn off pool water, causing levels to lower. With all this in mind, it is normal to lose roughly three inches of water a week but any more than that and you are dealing with a problem.

Some issues will be visible to the naked eye, like physical damage. Following bad weather patterns, storms or even construction accidents, there can be physical damage to poolsides and even pool liners. It is easy to spot a large crack or a tear but leaks often are obvious. For those issues that are more subtle, it is always better to call an expert leak detection company.

Puddle Leak Detection Services: The Best Pool Care in The Villages

Local pool professionals understand what your water systems are up against and this means knowing the most common areas to find leaks. In order to decipher whether you are dealing with a structural or plumbing leak. This can be done using dye tests and pressure tests.

Dye tests use coloured dye and strategic placement to identify and track down problem areas. By turning off the pool pump and placing dyes in, experienced technicians are able to follow trails to leaking areas. Dye weighs more than pool water so when applied it will be sucked into a vacuum created by tears in a vinyl liner as well as cracks in concrete pools.

Pressure tests use air flow to find cracks and leaks in systems. When a constant flow of air is applied to plumbing and return lines, it will create air bubbles when it encounters cracks or will cause gurgling sounds in saturated soil. These can be followed using speciality listening tools and a trained ear. From here, it is possible to isolate problem areas and organize leak repair services to fix your issues.

Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced, so you can rest easy that there is no leak out of reach. In addition to industry experience and resources, Puddle Pros are fully insured to provide peace of mind.

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