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Ask any realtor and they will tell you that, when purchasing a new home, a home inspection is key to ensuring that your next investment is a good one. While a standard home inspection can offer insight into the important aspects of structures, they rarely assess the condition of swimming pools on the property. At a glance a pool and spa seems like a simple structure but they are more complicated than meets the eye! Throughout The Villages, pool inspection services are key to understanding the functionality and condition of swim spaces for homes and businesses.

When surveying a property, the condition of the pool can be difficult to read. Even if everything appears to be in good shape on the surface, it is important to test and inspect the internal water systems that keep water flowing. An experienced pool inspector will check on the visible areas of a water system, as well as those that operate behind the scenes.

The Benefits of Having an Expert Inspect Your Pool

In addition to water and water systems, there are plenty of potential risks around a pool area. Even if one area is in good condition, there is no guarantee that another is not. If one element of your pool system breaks down, it will have a ripple effect throughout your swimming pool.

A level I swimming pool inspector will perform visual inspections, as well as testing of water condition, internal water systems and assess safety features and pool equipment in surrounding areas.

Safety Features & Pool Equipment: Every pool should come with some form of safety measure, usually in the form of a secured railing or ladder. If these features are not properly grounded, it is possible for them to become loose and harm swimmers or passersby. The same goes for fun additions like diving boards and slides. Ensuring that these areas are not actively loose can help to provide peace of mind regarding pool safety.

Internal Water Systems: If water is sitting stagnant, it will become contaminated quickly. When circulation systems are working properly they will transport sanitizers and chemicals throughout the entire pool basin, cleaning all of the water inside of it. These systems rely on pool pumps, motors, return lines, as well as filtration systems.

Visual Inspections: A trained eye can point out potential problem areas before they become disasters. A small tear in a vinyl liner, for example, will become larger over time. A tear allows water to seep into sensitive areas, creating issues around foundations and pulling up liners in other areas.

The experts at Puddle Pool Services have extensive industry knowledge and understand what your swimming pools are up against. Key insight can help potential buyers and sellers better understand the condition of a swimming pool, water system and surrounding areas. Level I pool inspections do not come with a written report.

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