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Natural water is a major feature of living in Florida, so it is no wonder that more and more property owners are bringing it home. Water features add a bit of character to any home or commercial property but they do not come without a bit of hard work. All across The Villages, water feature maintenance experts are hard at work keeping water systems running smoothly and fountains looking their best.

It is easy to become caught up on the water in your fountain, but there is a lot more to these complex systems than meets the eye. Proper fountain care involves dealing with water condition, but also with structures themselves, as well as the internal components that keep water flowing. With so many types of water fountains on the market, it can take years to figure out exactly what yours needs — so leave it to the experts instead!

Water Feature Care: What to Know

When creating a fountain cleaning plan, it is important to consider everything from age, condition, style and surrounding area. For example, if there is a large number of plants around your fountain, there is likely a lot of debris inside basins that contribute to algae growth.

Outdoor Water Fountains: Garden fountains are prone to organic contamination, particularly larger fountains with multiple tiers. As soon as heights are involved, it becomes difficult to keep eyes on the different parts of your water feature. Algae makes surfaces slippery so one wrong step can lead to slips and falls. This unwanted growth also weakens surface area, so scrubbing at it with a wire brush will pull away protective coatings and cause damage. Don’t risk a worst-case scenario when you can call an expert instead.

Indoor Water Fountain Care: Indoor water features are not as prone to algae growth but they are more at risk of mineral deposits and white scale. This can mean speciality chemical treatments and tools designed to remove these without causing damage.

For both indoor and outdoor water features, it is important to inspect internal mechanisms and components as well. Even without regular snow fall, a drop in temperature can lead to brittle plastic and potential freezing. Dropping the water level in your structure can stop water from seeping into sensitive areas. If you are closing down for a prolonged period, it is always a good idea to remove the pump when possible, to be dried and stored. Outdoor fountain pumps are often stored underground or in storage boxes nearby, while indoor models can be behind wall panels or complicated areas.

Even with regular cleaning and maintenance, there will come a point where you will need to drain the water from your fountain and deep clean structures. It is easy enough to replace the water with a garden hose but properly draining it is a complicated process. Just pulling the plug on a fountain basin can lead to flooded lawns, water damage, rot and other unpleasant surprises.

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Way to Keep Your Fountain Running

Through cold weather and scorching summers, your fountain is always in need of care and attention. In order to get the best results for your water system, it is important to break cleaning and treatments down into water treatments, stain and growth removal, as well as ensuring that internal components are in good shape. Calling a Puddle technician for regular water fountain cleaning helps to improve the curb appeal of your property and it can prolong the lifespan of your structures and components. This helps to make the most out of your investments and your enjoyment.

Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained, experienced and fully insured to protect properties, technicians and surrounding areas. In order to keep our communities in great shape, local technicians offer service options ranging from weekly, monthly, single service calls and seasonal tune-ups for your system.

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