Lady Lake Seasonal Pool Maintenance

For residents in Florida, it might feel like summer all year long but there is always an off-season for swimming pools. No matter the time of year, pools always need attention but as the seasons change it can be hard to keep up. Proper fall maintenance can protect pools over the off-season while an expert opening in spring can help pool owners make the most out of the swimming season. Lady Lake seasonal pool maintenance works to keep pools running smoothly all year long and protects them from unexpected damage.

Once thoroughly cleaned, it is easy to maintain your pool but moving from one season to another the needs of your swimming pool will change. When fall rolls around and you find yourself using your pool less and less, it is easy to let water chemistry fall by the wayside. Even a bit of neglect can quickly lead to cloudy water, algae growth, discolouration and buildup of debris that will only get worse over time.

Seasonal Pool Care: What to Know

While some parts of the country are busy weather-proofing homes and getting ready to battle snow, Floridians should be more concerned with algae blooms. Temperatures have a habit of being wildly unpredictable. You might throw on a pool cover during the September long weekend only to be confronted with high heats. A covered, damp environment is the ideal place for algae to form, thrive and spread. It won’t take long for unwanted growth to take over your swim space. Avoid disaster and get peace of mind by calling a Puddle Pro when opening or closing your pool.

Fall Pool Care: In the same way that algae and bacteria can buildup in pools, they can also build up inside internal water systems. If algae takes over your swim space it will take a toll on everything from pool filters, vinyl liners and internal components. By winterizing plugs, you can prevent water from seeping into vulnerable areas where it can cause unseen damage. Dropping the water levels also reduces the risk of water reaching these areas. Chemical treatments can kill off existing bacteria and algaecides reduce the risk of algae forming. In addition to preserving the condition of your pool, a specialized closing treatment makes openings easier in spring.

Spring Pool Care: After sitting idle for months at a time, it is likely that pool owners will pull back pool covers in spring only to see something that more closely resembles a swap than something you would want to dive into. There is likely a ton of debris both floating along water surfaces and sunken down to the bottom of the pool. Restoring a contaminated pool back to a sanitary swim space is a multi-step approach and can’t be done in a single day. A shock treatment will start to clear away cloudiness and discolourations and algaecides can eliminate the spread and formation of existing and new algae. From here, it is important to remove debris from the pool basin and skimmer basket and inspect key components like the filtration system, pool pumps, and other pool equipment. Following these steps, you can have an expert balance your water chemistry including managing the chlorine level, pH level, alkalinity and calcium.

Calling Puddle Pool Services mean access to reliable and thorough pool care for homes and commercial properties at any time of year. Each member of the team is local to the Lady Lake area and understands what your swim space is up against.

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