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Swimming pools aren’t immune to the seasons, even in Florida! While you might not experience frozen weather like other states, not many people are swimming laps in an outdoor pool during the winter months. When swim spaces are left sitting for the colder months, they are at risk of algae growth, mold and set the stage for a whole lot of headache when opening back up in spring. Professional Lady Lake pool closing services protect your pool from the off-season or long periods of disuse, keeping it in great shape for a later date.

Snow in Florida is a rare occurrence but it does happen! More than being concerned with frozen temperatures and damage, pool owners in Lady Lake are more worried about invasive growth and contamination. For businesses, failing to close down a pool properly can mean missing out on income when spring hits and for homeowners, it means missing out on enjoying the first warm days of the summer.

How to Close Your Pool: The Benefits of Expert Seasonal Care

Maintaining water chemistry and getting rid of debris is a major concern for pool owners during spring and summer but when the temperatures starts to drop, swim spaces are not getting the same level of attention. Even a bit of neglect can lead to serious issues and it doesn’t take long for this to happen. Even a two-week vacation can throw your pool into a tailspin. When performed properly, pool closings can help protect pool systems over long periods of disuse.

Algae doesn’t just form in pool basins, it will form and spread into any areas that hold water and that means internal water systems and pipes. There isn’t much point in treating water and clearing out debris if it is just going to be pushed back into basins to contaminate them all over again. Protecting these vulnerable areas all start with a drain plug. Winterizing plugs prevent water from seeping into sensitive areas but only after a thorough chemical treatment.

Winterizing your pool means more than protecting it from cold weather, it protects it from the elements. Dropping the water level to a few inches below the skimmer lines prevents contamination of internal systems. By applying winterizing chemicals, bacteria and algae growth are reduced, keeping swimming pools in great shape over longer periods. This, combined with regular inspections of pool filters and skimmer baskets make openings easier in spring and avoid the headache of having to overhaul your swim system.

Anyone can grab a simple test kit to assess their chlorine levels but when preparing your pool for the season these aren’t enough to get results. When dealing with a swimming pool, every little piece counts. Everything from a functional pool pump or swapping out mesh covers for solid winter ones will have an impact on your swimming pool.

Fall Pool Care: Finding a Puddle Program That Works

Whether you are dealing with a family pool, spa, hotel or public pool in a recreation center, our Puddle technicians can create a Fall pool care program that suits the unique needs of your swim space. A professional pool service can help to prevent algae, as well as provide peace of mind that systems are running smoothly all year long. By offering routine programs for swimming pools in residential and commercial spaces our team of experts create safe swim spaces all over the Lady Lake area.

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