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When the weather is warm poolside is the place to be! The best way to deal with high heats or humid days is being able to do the backstroke through a clean and inviting swim space. Maintaining a swimming pool means more than scooping out debris and throwing in a chlorine puck now and then. In fact, keeping water crystal clear can quickly start to eat into leisure time. When you want the best possible results for your swim space without sacrificing your summer, call Puddle for your Lady Lake pool cleaning.

At a glance, pool care seems pretty simple but water systems are much more complicated than meets the eye. When you want to keep your pool in the best possible condition, ditch the basic testing kit and have an expert handle the heavy lifting around your swimming pool.

The Benefits of a Pool Cleaning Service

Pool maintenance can be complex. The needs of a swim space will change based on the age, condition and style of your pool, as well as surrounding areas. Water systems are made up of a series of moving parts. If even just one part of pool systems are overlooked, it will have a ripple effect that causes unnecessary wear, tear or damage. Professional cleaning services ensure that your water systems are functional, water is balanced and your pool water is free of algae growth.

When you start to notice cloudiness or discolouration in your pool, shocking it seems like a no-brainer. Even if you do clear away the clouds or greenish colour, this doesn’t mean that water is sanitary. Keeping pool water sanitary involves a multi-step approach that caters to systems inside and out. Luckily, our team of Puddle technicians are ready to create a treatment plan that is just right for your space.

Water Chemistry: Keeping chemicals balanced means regular testing and treatments. It is easy to focus in on chlorine levels and forget about the other factors that make water clean and sanitary. Proper pool balancing does involve monitoring sanitizer levels, but it also means paying attention to pH levels, alkalinity and calcium.

Debris Removal: Depending on the plant life around your swimming pool, you might find a ton of debris floating along water surfaces, sitting on the bottom of the pool and clogging up skimmer baskets. A blanket of leaves at the bottom of the pool not only looks awful, it contaminates pool water. Over time organics will rot and break apart, making them even more difficult to remove. Professional pool cleaners have specialized tools to reach into even the most hard to reach spaces, with both scrubbing and vacuuming to fully remove debris.

Internal Water Systems: If pool water is left to sit stagnant, it will be contaminated again in no time at all. When water is moving, it is circulating chemical treatments throughout basins. It is easy to overlook the condition of a pool pump for a while but once it fails, it is hard to ignore. By making inspections of pumps, return lines and pool filters a part of regular practice, Puddle experts can assure pool owners that their systems are running smoothly.

Puddle Pool Services: Keeping Your Pool Looking Its Best

If you are looking for the best pool care in Lady Lake, look no further than your local Puddle Pros. Each member of the team is highly trained, fully experienced and completely insured to provide peace of mind and excellent results.

With a wide range of service options ranging from weekly pool cleaning during summer, bi-weekly off-season programs, service calls and seasonal treatments, there is never a bad time to start your custom pool cleaning program.

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