Lady Lake Hot Tub Maintenance

There is never a bad time for a soak in a hot tub. Even in a humid environment a warm water soak can help to ease sore muscles and relax at home, or can bring in customers in a commercial environment. Just because a tub is full of warm water doesn’t mean that it is clean. Without regular cleaning and care, a hot tub or spa is just a bath tub that doesn’t get emptied. Professional Lady Lake hot tub maintenance keeps water systems clean on a routine basis, as well as offering refreshes designed to clean spas inside and out.

You wouldn’t swim in someone else’s bathwater, so you shouldn’t swim in a dirty hot tub! Damp, dark and warm environments are the perfect place for bacteria and algae to form and spread — and that means hot tubs. It can take years to figure out how to keep your water systems clean and running smoothly and that means giving up your leisure time to learn how to balance water and properly clean surfaces and internal systems. Instead of sacrificing your free time or winding up with subpar results, let an expert handle it for you!

Expert Hot Tub Care: What to Expect From a Pro

Anyone can stop by a pool supply store to stock up on sanitizers and test strips but it takes more than that to keep water systems in great shape. Removing debris creates an instant boost to curb appeal but it is not enough to make a sanitary space. Contaminated water is a serious risk to the health and safety of everyone that steps foot inside. Dirty water is known to lead to recreational water illness, or RWIs, including eye and ear infections, skin irritations, digestive issues and, in severe cases, e-coli poisoning.

Every year, property owners try to take hot tub cleaning into their own hands only to end up with unexpected damage. For example, a bit of distilled vinegar is not enough to treat algae or discolourations but using a harsh cleaning solution like bleach will strip away protective coatings. In order to get the best possible results, our team of Puddle Pros offer routine cleaning programs, as well as deep cleans and system refreshes that clean tubs from top to bottom.

Routine Cleaning: During the height of summer it is common to test your water at least once a week. Basic testing kits can alert pool owners to standard issues with sanitizers like chlorine or bromine, but they can’t help with more complex water chemistry. Keeping hot tub water clean means balancing sanitizers, as well as the pH level, alkalinity and calcium. Keeping your hot tub cleaner starts with keeping your filter cleaner. Taking the additional step to clean the filter on a regular basis ensures that it is able to trap small pieces of debris, keeping them out of your spa water.

Refresh Treatments: Even with regular cleanings, a hot tub will need to be drained and refilled for a thorough cleaning and chemical balancing. If tubs are already in good condition, maintaining them can be done in bi-weekly treatments, each of which last anywhere from 20 minutes to a half hour. There is a right way and a wrong way to drain the water from your system. Just pulling the plug on a spa will often lead to drowned lawns, flooded structures, water damage, staining, rot and mold. Having an expert drain the hot tub for you, ensures that it is done correctly. Once empty, shells, jets and headrests can be scrubbed clean with speciality tools and cleansers. Tubs can then be refilled using a garden hose and, once full, goes through a final water balancing before it is safe to use.

In addition to cleaning the internals of a hot tub, Puddle technicians offer optional exterior treatment plans that scrub external surfaces as well as hot tub covers.

Puddle Pools: Treating Hot Tubs Efficiently and Safely

When you want the best results for your hot tub, all it takes is one call to a local expert. Each member of the team understands how the environment, temperatures and level of traffic impact your water system and we are ready to create treatment plans to match!

Any time that water and electricity are in the same place, safety should be a top priority. Years of industry experience has taught our Puddle technicians about everything from assessing potential health risks around poolsides, to turning off the circuit breaker during a deep clean. In addition to a long track record of excellent results and customer service, Puddle crews provide peace of mind with fully insured services.

Whether you are looking for routine care, a single service call or a system refresh, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle Pro for timely and efficient treatments and excellent customer service.

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