Oakville Water Feature Maintenance

The right water feature can add a lot of character to your space, but these do not come without a bit of effort. Water fountains can draw a crowd or be a nice place to sit back and listen to the sounds of flowing water but when they are in poor condition, these can be an eyesore. From foul smells to murky water, even a bit of neglect can lead to larger issues, so trust the Puddle Pros for your Oakville water feature maintenance.

Whether indoors or outside, caring for a fountain is a complex, multi-step process. Caring for an indoor fountain is much different from looking after an outdoor fountain. From contending with algae and other organics and managing indoor obstacles, owners need to have a wide range of knowledge to keep it all running smoothly. Instead of struggling to keep up the demands of your water fountain care, call a pro for great results.

Water Fountain Cleaning: What Should You Know

One of the most important aspects of fountain cleaning, is treating both the obvious areas and those that are behind the scenes. Never underestimate the impact that a fountain pump has on the overall condition of your property. In the same way that outdoor fountain pumps are housed in tricky areas, so are the ones inside. Not being able to reach areas that house important materials is a huge hinderance in keeping systems running.

In addition to clearing away obvious issues like mineral deposits or white scale, it is important to dig deep into your system to better serve the internal mechanisms, like filters, water pumps and motors. Unlike simple scrubbing, taking time to clean the pump means getting great results but it also means needing a delicate touch to avoid any unforeseen damage. Scraping away at vulnerable areas with a wire brush can pull away protective coatings and any weakened materials.

Water feature cleaning is not only about improved visuals, but can have a huge impact on the overall condition and function of a fountain. Chemical application prevents algae growth, as well as cloudy water and even foul smells. Even with regular water feature care, there will be a point where systems need to be deep cleaned and that means replacing the water. It might be a takeover of algae buildup, an unexpected contaminant or preparing for a seasonal change.

Larger fountains are difficult to treat, particularly those with multiple tiers. Reaching heights requires specialty tools and techniques, and our Puddle Pros have both! When you want to clean your fountain fully, you can’t just clean the water and hope for the best. With expert cleaning solutions and resources, no one gets better results than a Puddle Pro.

When you want to remove stubborn buildup or are hoping to prevent algae from forming and spreading, it is always a good idea to call a professional. Regular care and maintenance can help to keep your fountain running in any space, whether it is an apartment building, a shopping mall or casino.

Water Fountain Services: Calling in a Pro

When treating an outdoor water fountain — or garden fountain — it is possible to throw a cover over your feature and hope for the best. Despite taking the time to cover the fountain indoors, certain items will still creep in. Regular care can mean skimming surfaces or scrubbing sides to remove any growth that may have formed.

Fully insured staff are able to treat everything from a wall fountain to a standalone feature. From raising a water level to removing debris, all it takes is one call to a local expert to improve the look and function of your fountain. Call today for your free quote.

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