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Owning a home with a pool comes with a lot of benefits but it also comes with the need for a lot of pool cleaning and maintenance. If you are currently caring for a swimming pool but are beginning to suspect that it might not be functioning properly, call an experienced pool inspector right away. Oakville pool inspections provide key insights when buying, selling or even maintaining a swim space.

Buying a home is likely one of the biggest investments that you can make, so it is important to make sure that it is a good one. A home inspector can provide insights into the condition of homes and structures but when you want insight into pools and water systems, call a Puddle Pro!

Level I Pool Inspections: What is Included?

It is never a bad idea to have an expert inspect your pool. If you are managing your current swim space but notice water levels dropping without reason, or are potential home buyers wanting to know the condition of the pool on a property, insight is so valuable! No one wants to finalize a sale only to find out that your water system is in need of costly repairs or replacements. In order to make sure that swimming pools are in great shape, our experts assess condition from top to bottom, inside and out.

Swimming pool inspections perform in-depth assessments of surfaces and surrounding areas as well as performing equipment testing, Visual inspections look over visible pool areas and surfaces such as tiling and vinyl liners, looking for tears or cracks. A trained eye can help to assess problems in surrounding areas like pool decks, or with exterior pool equipment like diving boards and safety rails. Without knowing what to look for, safety issues can be easily overlooked but our Puddle technicians know all of the pain points.

Any pool, hot tub or spa relies on a functional filtration and circulation system to keep clean. That is why our Puddle technicians test heaters, pool pumps and return lines to make sure that water is able to flow smoothly. If you suspect that there is an existing issue like a leak, our experts can perform detection services and even help to organize repairs for underground leaks.

Level I pool inspections provide peace of mind but do not come with written reports.

Puddle Pool Inspection Services: In-Depth Inspections Across Ontario

In addition to inspections our Puddle Pros offer a wide variety of services ranging from regularly scheduled pool cleanings, seasonal care and deep cleans. When you want to open and close your pool or keep water balanced, just call Puddle! Our technicians are hard at work in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and all across Ontario.

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Brian Quinn
5 out of 5

I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to my pool so it’s nice to know I can call puddle and have them out here to give me a hand. Two thumbs up for these guys, my pool has never looked better!

Austin Koepp
5 out of 5

Our Spa was busted, side was leaking. Puddle was able to come over same week and repair the lines. Showed us the issue and we were back in business. Loved the little rubber fish they gave our daughter. Nice touch!

Jeffrey Rodriguez
5 out of 5

Friendly technicians, professional look and my pool’s never looked better. Will be moving forward with these guys!

Barbara Norris
5 out of 5

I contacted Puddle in regards to opening my pool for summer time. They were quick, helpful and my pool has never looked better.

Alayah Rogers
5 out of 5

Puddle pools was professional, clean and easy to deal with. The technician, was super friendly and very helpful.

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