Oakville Pool Leak Detection

Over the course of the year, your pool goes through a lot. Between the changing of the seasons, roots and nearby plant life, storms and physical damage, pools are always at risk of leaks. The signs of a leak might start out subtle at first but over time they only become worse. With Puddle, Oakville pool leak detection services are timely, efficient and affordable so there is no reason not to call an expert when you start to notice water loss.

Unlike a dripping faucet, a leak in your pool can happen in a wide range of places. The first step to treating a leak is to find it and that is easier said than done. Proper swimming pool leak detection tests structures, plumbing and return lines to figure out exactly where your leak is located. Leak detection should be done in 3 steps: visual inspections, determining what sort of leak you are dealing with and isolating problem areas for treatment. If you start to notice water loss in your swim space, don’t hesitate to call a Pro.

Leak Detection in Pools: Locating Leaks

Refilling water levels is a standard part of pool maintenance but it is important to keep an eye on how much pool water you are losing. Losing 3 inches of water per week, more or less, it is often a symptom of evaporation or high usage. Every time a body gets out of your pool, they are carrying water out with them. Every time someone splashes or does a cannonball, there is water leaving your swimming pool. In fact, high usage can cover up the fact that you are dealing with a leak.

When dealing with an above ground pool, leaks will flood surface areas and nearby structures. If an inground pool is leaking, it causes underground leaks. In either case, there are many moving parts that keeps water systems running and each of these is susceptible to damage and leaks. Without quick detection and repair, leaks will continue to lose water, causing damage to pools and surrounding areas.

You might be able to spot large cracks or tears in vinyl liners but for those leaks that happen behind the scenes, it is a lot more difficult to identify unseen issues. Luckily, there are testing options for both surface leaks and plumbing leaks. A bucket test might help to determine whether or not you are dealing with water leaks but they sure can’t help you locate them and that is where our Puddle technicians come in.

Water Leak Detection in Pools: How Puddle Gets It Done

In order to get the best results for our clients, Puddle technicians are outfitted with top tools, techniques and resources to track down even the smallest leak. Swimming pools hold thousands of litres of water at a time, so even a pinhole leak can lead to serious water loss and that makes quick action incredibly important. Puddle technicians are local to the Oakville area so you can expect timely service, as well as experience and knowledge of the area — we understand what you are up against!

Pressure Testing: Used to identify leaks in plumbing and return lines, pressure testing uses a constant stream of air flow applied to pipes. If there are leaks present, this will create a stream of air bubbles that can be followed and if it is an underground leak, saturated soil will make a gurgling sound that can be followed using specialty listening tools.

Dye Testing: Identifying structural leaks is best done with a simple dye test. This process involves turning off the pool pump so water sits still. Coloured dyes are then strategically placed and, if there is a leak present, will be drawn to the area.

Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced, as well as fully insured to provide peace of mind as well as excellent results. It might not be possible to go from having leak detection and repair in a matter of 24 hours but the longer you wait, the worse your issue becomes, so call a local Puddle Pro today!

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quyum olomowewe
5 out of 5

My pool gets dirty really quick due to surrounding trees, I’ve never had a problem with puddle. They show up happy and ready to clean.

Emmaline Wilkins
5 out of 5

Every tech that’s cleaned my pool has been friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks puddle for a great service.

Allyson Corona
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Puddle is awesome, my pool is consistently clean, and their friendly team adds to the experience.

Olga J.
5 out of 5

Before we hired Puddle Pools, we were constantly struggling with algae in our pool, no matter how many times we had the water tested and treated with chemicals. We were fed up and hired Puddle Pools to maintain our pool during the summer months. Best decision ever! John comes by every week, let’s us know when he’ll be by, tests the water, cleans, and adds the necessary chemicals. He also provides a report after each visit. Our pool has been clean and ready for swimming all summer long. John is really easy to deal with, reliable and knowledgeable. We highly recommend him and his services to anyone with a pool (or hot tub).

5 out of 5

👍After a lot of experience, I believe that puddle pool services is one of the very few best pool services in the area. Price wise are very reasonable. John, the technician, is professional, friendly, clean, and honest. Puddle pool services do better than what they committed to. They are easy and quick to reach. After every visit, they send an e-mail describing what they did and what the next step will be. Their main target is achieving the best pool. Most of the pool services around are looking for your pocket and how unfairly they squeeze you.

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