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Having a swimming pool or hot tub at home is a great way to add value and enjoyment to your property. An outdoor swim space is a great place to host a pool party, entertain guests or get some exercise but these features are always at the mercy of the elements. Whether indoors or outside, maintaining a sanitary swim space is key to keeping guests safe, costs down and improving the output of your system. Professional Oakville residential pool services can help to maintain water balance, ditch debris, and boost curb appeal around homes.

When maintaining a swim space at home, shocking the pool every now and then is not enough to keep it clean. In order to keep swimmers safe, clean pool water is necessary and in order to protect systems, regular inspections are required. Over the course of a busy work week it is easy to let tasks slip, but this can have a ripple effect throughout your swimming pool. Ditch the DIY methods and get the best results possible with a little help from a Puddle Pro!

Pool Care At Home: The Best Way to Get the Best Results

For pool owners at home, getting the right results can feel overwhelming. Between managing routine cleanings, as well as openings and closings, there is something to be done at any time of year. Simple test strips and automatic pool cleaners, like vacuums, are helpful but relying on these basic tools is a mistake. In addition to pool cleaning practices, proper inspections are key to keeping systems running smoothly. Breaking pool maintenance down into smaller, more manageable pieces takes the weight off of care and makes for better results.

Water Chemistry: Maintaining water balance is one of the most important aspects of proper pool care and that means regular chemical applications. Without extensive technical training, pool chemicals can be dangerous, both in and out of the water. There are plenty of testing kits on the market that claim to monitor chemical levels, but these often do not cover the entire range of necessary balances. Keeping water crystal clear requires the right chlorine levels, pH levels, alkalinity and calcium ranges. Without regular water balancing, you can expect cloudy water, discolourations and algae growth.

Circulation & Filtration Systems: If water is left sitting stagnant, it will not take long for bacteria to build, algae growth to form, and debris to build up. Debris is common enough in an outdoor environment but it should not be left to sit. Heavy items will sink to the bottom of the pool, resting against liners and creating stains, and lighter items will break apart and become lodged in skimmer baskets and create blockages inside pool filters. This forces internal components to work harder, using more energy and creating unnecessary wear and tear on mechanisms.

Visual Inspections: For those swimming pools with vinyl liners, even a small tear is enough to wreck entire structures. Once water makes its way into sensitive areas, it can quickly lead to damaged materials, flooded yards, rot and water damage. A trained eye can spot potential issues, allowing the option for repair before they become disasters.

Seasonal Treatments: As the seasons change, so do the needs of your pool system. In a cold climate, like the one in Ontario, it is important to prepare your swimming pool for winter. Closing a pool means dropping the water level, installing applying solid covers and applying a special chemical treatment. An amateur approach to these can lead to water damage, a longer pool opening in spring and the need for costly treatments.

Choosing Puddle For Your Residential Pool Care

No one understands the need of your water systems better than a local Puddle Pro. Instead of struggling through long periods of trial and error, only to end up with subpar results, call your neighbourhood pool specialist instead. Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained, experienced and fully insured to protect properties and guarantee results. By offering a range of service options at accessible prices, there is something for everyone at Puddle Pools.

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