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Ontario is prone to frigid winters, and freezing temperatures. For months at a time your property is up against the cold and that includes your pool. Over the course of the fall and winter, pools and swim spaces are at risk of freezing and the damage that comes along with it. Instead of throwing on a winter cover and hoping for the best, call a Puddle technician for your Oakville pool closing.

Taking the time to close your pool is key to protecting structures and internal components from damage, as well as laying the groundwork for an easier opening in spring. While keeping your swimming pool covered is a step in the right direction, great results come from chemical applications, inspections and water balancing. Without in-depth technical knowledge, it is easy to overlook one aspect of a closing that has a ripple effect throughout your water system.

Fall Pool Care: What to Do and When

As temperatures begin to drop, it is easy to overlook the needs of your water system. Unlike high heat days, not many individuals are spending their days swimming. While you are applying weather proofing to windows or bundling up for a stroll, your swimming pool is left to the elements. When the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees, it is time to close down your pool.

It is important to close your pool for the winter before the first frost. In order for a whole pool to freeze over it takes prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures but small amounts of water inside mechanisms can freeze easily. When this happens, plastic components become brittle and freezing water can expand. Frozen water expands up to 9%, which does not seem like much but it can lead to warped materials and the possibility for burst pipes.

The best way to avoid water damage and protect your pool mechanics is draining the water so it falls below jets and skimmers. This, plus winterizing drain plugs prevents water from seeping in to vulnerable area and causing issues. Draining water is great for managing inground pools but when dealing with above ground models, water bags prevent water from freezing.

An application of winter chemicals helps to reduce the risk of algae growth while inspections and prevention practices keep components in great shape. Inspections of key components like the pool pump and filter are necessary to ensuring there is no damage occurring over the slow months. Puddle technicians check over the sand filter or cartridge filters, as well as return lines, pumps, motors and more.

Puddle Pool Closing Services: Expert Treatment, Excellent Results

A pool opening and closing are separate treatments but they depend on each other to maintain condition throughout the year. Proper closing services make it possible to open up again easily and efficiently. Even in the off-season, it is important to keep on top of water chemistry and that means monitoring more than the chlorine level. Removing detachable components to be dried and stored for winter is a great way to maintain structural integrity, and our experts can help.
Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured, highly trained and very experienced, in order to provide the best possible results for every pool closing across the Oakville area.

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quyum olomowewe
5 out of 5

My pool gets dirty really quick due to surrounding trees, I’ve never had a problem with puddle. They show up happy and ready to clean.

Emmaline Wilkins
5 out of 5

Every tech that’s cleaned my pool has been friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks puddle for a great service.

Allyson Corona
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Puddle is awesome, my pool is consistently clean, and their friendly team adds to the experience.

Olga J.
5 out of 5

Before we hired Puddle Pools, we were constantly struggling with algae in our pool, no matter how many times we had the water tested and treated with chemicals. We were fed up and hired Puddle Pools to maintain our pool during the summer months. Best decision ever! John comes by every week, let’s us know when he’ll be by, tests the water, cleans, and adds the necessary chemicals. He also provides a report after each visit. Our pool has been clean and ready for swimming all summer long. John is really easy to deal with, reliable and knowledgeable. We highly recommend him and his services to anyone with a pool (or hot tub).

5 out of 5

👍After a lot of experience, I believe that puddle pool services is one of the very few best pool services in the area. Price wise are very reasonable. John, the technician, is professional, friendly, clean, and honest. Puddle pool services do better than what they committed to. They are easy and quick to reach. After every visit, they send an e-mail describing what they did and what the next step will be. Their main target is achieving the best pool. Most of the pool services around are looking for your pocket and how unfairly they squeeze you.

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