Menifee Water Feature Maintenance

In California, water plays a huge role in the daily lives of property owners. You might spend your days at the beach or, weekends hiking up to a waterfall but what if you could have a water feature right outside your front door? When kept clean, a water fountain is a great addition to any property but keeping up with maintenance can feel overwhelming. Calling a Puddle Pro for your Menifee water feature maintenance keeps fountain water in great condition and protects your structures from the elements.

Without regular care and maintenance, water fountains will begin to show signs of strain, often in the form of algae growth, mineral deposits, white scale, murky water or foul smells. It is easy enough to grab a skimmer and remove debris from reachable areas but chemical treatments, filter changes, inspections and other necessary treatments are more difficult. Call a Puddle Pool technician for your water feature care and have an expert handle the heavy lifting for you.

Water Fountain Care: Getting Great Results

Keeping water features clean means enlisting a professional for both routine care, seasonal upkeep and deep cleans when necessary. Trying to tackle outdoor fountain maintenance means removing debris but it also means checking equipment to ensure that everything is clear and running smoothly. Without the right technical approach, it is easy to miss signs that your system is struggling.

Plenty of property owners are keen to treat their swim spaces on a weekly basis, so why should your fountain be any different? Regular cleaning should entail water treatments, as well as scooping out debris. Routine chemical treatments prevent algae and bacteria from forming. If debris is left sitting, particularly in larger fountains, it can cause clogs and blockages inside mechanisms. Any time circulation systems are blocked, it puts added strain on motors and internal mechanisms, leading to the need for costly repairs.

Managing garden fountains or other outdoor models means keeping a schedule that revolves around the climate. In the same way that you might consider closing your pool when the temperatures drop below 59 degrees, you might consider closing your system down for the season. Just throwing a cover on can keep some level of debris out but it can also trap things inside and open the door for potential freezing inside systems.

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Water Fountain Cleaning In Your Area

After years in the industry, our Puddle Pros have had the opportunity to work with all types of water features, so property owners can rest easy that their fountains are in good hands. Taking a DIY approach to cleaning practices can result in serious damage so it is always a better idea to consult a professional. When the weather turns cold or your system is showing strain, it might be a good idea to remove outdoor fountain pumps for a proper flush and clean. If it is necessary to remove the pump, it has to be done carefully in order to avoid damage.

Far from showing up with mild soap and a scrub brush, Puddle technicians arrive on-scene with top of the line tools, designed for deep cleans. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians are able to help your fountain run smoothly, no matter the time of year. By offering a range of services, Puddle Pros can drop the water level, beat back bacteria and eliminate algae.

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