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For property owners in the Menifee area, swim season starts as soon as you’d like it to. If you are willing to heat your swim space, it’s possible to throw back the winter cover and fire up your pumps and motors as soon as the end of March to early April. No matter when you want to start your season, a proper Menifee pool opening service can help you do it safely and efficiently. Ditch the basic test kit and call an expert for your pool maintenance and make the most out of the swim season.

Over the course of the year, your pool system is up against a lot. The elements take their toll on the condition of both pool water, as well as structures and overall condition. After long periods of disuse, you are more than likely to find an unpleasant surprise when you pull off that pool cover. Cloudy water, algae blooms, discolouration and clogged filters are all common issues when re-opening a pool. Instead of struggling with DIY practices and risks to health and safety, have an expert open your pool.

Seasonal Pool Care: Open Your Pool Right

The key to a successful pool opening is a professional pool closing. These two processes work hand in hand to create a landscape of healthy swimming pools all year long. An important part of closing is to drop the water level below the skimmer opening to prevent water from entering into lines and freezing during cold snaps. When opening up again, this water level will need to be replaced. This can be done with a simple garden hose and once it is done, it is time to balance water chemistry.

After long periods of disuse, your pool is likely suffering from at least some form of algae growth. Basic pool chemicals can help to maintain water condition when it is being regularly cared for but when conditions have worsened, more aggressive steps are needed to create a sanitary space. Algaecides, for example, are necessary to keep bacteria at bay and get rid of invasive growth.

Cold weather can be rough on your system, both in the obvious areas and with the more subtle components. If there has been damage to your pump and filter, or a tear in the liner, it can lead to serious damage. Clogs within your system put added strain on circulation systems. The harder that your pool equipment has to work, the higher your utility bills become and the higher your costs for repair. When you remove the cover from your system, it is important to vacuum the pool bottom and skim the surface for any floating debris. This process helps to prevent permanent staining and reduces the risk of clogs.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results, Excellent Customer Service

Our team of highly trained and experienced Puddle Pros leave nothing to chance. After years of experience, Puddle technicians are able to perform both basic and complicated cleaning and prep practices. Any test strips can show off an imbalance in your water but only an expert can help you to treat issues.

Whether it is a regular pool cleaning or a seasonal change, our team of highly trained experts can help to keep your system running smoothly and looking its best. With options for by-phone bookings, as well as online options available 24 hours a day, Puddle customers are never left out in the cold.

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