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Having an accessible swimming pool right on your property can help to make your home the talk of the town — but you want to make sure that it is for the right reasons! When a pool is clean it can be a great place to kick back and relax or host, or it can act as a great way to draw in new tenants. Cloudy water, foul smells or algae can send visitors running in the opposite direction. When you want great results for your Menifee residential pool services, call a Puddle Pro to keep your system running.

Don’t get bogged down in cleaning and maintenance practices when you can call a Puddle Pro instead. Pool specialists are able to treat pools from the inside, out. Removing debris is a major component of basic upkeep, but the fun doesn’t stop there! Our experts test the water of your pool system, remove debris, monitor structures and keep an eye on the mechanisms that keep it running!

Pool Care At Home: Ditch DIY

Plenty of pool owners try to take their care and cleaning into their own hands. This might seem like a more economical approach but it can end up costing more in the long run. Purchasing pool chemicals, replacing worn down pumps, motors and pool filters, as well as other repairs and utility costs all add up over time. Instead of dealing with subpar results over time, call an expert to create a highly efficient and visually appealing space.

Handling pool care at home means maintaining a regular cleaning schedule, performing deep cleans when necessary and seasonal maintenance. During summer months, pools see more traffic than ever and keeping up with swimmers often requires weekly cleanings. With a busy schedule, weekly maintenance can feel overwhelming. Basic test strips can point out imbalances in water chemistry, and can showcase your chlorine level and pH levels. A testing kit can point out issues but can’t tell you how to fix them.

One of the biggest problems facing pool owners, is algae. Just throwing in a couple of chlorine pucks and giving walls a quick scrub with a pool brush might provide some superficial relief but this often isn’t enough to get rid of bacteria. Shocking the pool water in your swim space is a great way to begin resetting your system, but there is more to regular cleans than just that. Skimming floating debris can help to keep pool filters free of blockages, but sunken debris is also a problem. If items are left to sit against liners, they can cause permanent staining.

Pool supply stores are able to outfit homeowners with some chemicals, tools and supplies, but these are not magical cure-alls for your water system. For example, a pool vacuum seems great: just flip the switch and go, right? Wrong! The trouble with these tools is that the typical vacuum head is not able to fit into corners or hard angles around stairs. When you want to keep your pool cleaner, it is important to scrub, vacuum, check filters and perform regular water checks. This is a lot of work — so leave it to the pros!

Puddle Pool Services: The Best in Residential Pool Care

Pool maintenance is not just a chore, it is an art form — and our Puddle technicians are masters! After years of industry experience, our team of experts are able to treat pools of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have a cartridge or sand filter, fresh or salt water, indoor or outdoor pool systems, there is nothing that our Puddle technicians can’t handle.

With options for weekly, bi-weekly and seasonal services, Puddle teams can accommodate any space. Each member of the team is fully insured to protect properties, as well as our technicians. In addition to boosting curb appeal around your space, professional care can help to prolong the lifespan of your materials. Avoid unnecessary repairs and premature replacements by calling an expert for your services. Call today for a free quote.

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