Honolulu Water Feature Maintenance

There are plenty of homes, hotels and commercial spaces throughout the Honolulu area. A working water feature can help homes stand out while showcasing the natural beauty of the area. Garden fountains outside can be the focal point of outdoor areas while indoor water features act as a meeting place and add visual appeal. When fountains are in great shape they add a lot of properties but taking care of them can be complicated. Keeping your water clean and flowing is as simple as calling Puddle experts for your Honolulu water feature maintenance.

Water treatments and chemical balancing is an important part of fountain care but cleaning doesn’t stop there! A bit of mild soap and a scrub with a soft sponge is not enough to clean away algae but hard bristle brushes or pressure washing can cause damage. Finding the balance between the two is a delicate process and can take years to master. Instead of struggling through the trial and error process, have a local specialist handle the heavy lifting for you.

Water Fountain Cleaning: What to Know About Your Water System

Your water features are out in the elements in the same way that a pool or hot tub is, but fountains often do not get the same level of attention. Outdoor water fountains are prone to algae growth and debris build-up while indoor water features are more likely to develop white scale and mineral deposits. Without regular cleaning and inspections, all of this can add up to one big headache. When you want to keep your fountain running smoothly, it is important to break treatments down into multiple steps for the best possible results.

Structural Care: There are plenty of types of water features out there, each of which needs customized treatments to avoid damage and get the best possible results. Regular inspections of structures from a trained eye can help to point out areas that are aged or weakened and are at risk of damage during the cleaning process. Routine cleaning is also an ideal time to point out issues with liners.

Water Care: Even though you aren’t swimming in it, water balance is an important part of water fountain care. Fresh water in a clean fountain is often crystal clear but without chemical treatments, it won’t stay that way for long! If left untreated, water will go cloudy, become discoloured, develop algae blooms or begin to smell awful. Just because a fountain is not a swim space doesn’t mean that cross-contamination can’t happen. There is nothing worse for a business than a child putting their hand in a fountain and ending up with an eye infection or stomach illness.

Equipment & Filtration: Stagnant water is more prone to contamination, so it is important to keep your water flowing. A working circulation and filtration system is key to keeping your fountain looking its best. When you want to keep things running smoothly, it is important to inspect filters, outdoor fountain pumps, motors, plumbing lines and more. It might even be a good idea to remove the pump and clean out the surrounding area and flush lines as necessary.

Replacing Your Water: Even with regular cleaning, there will be a time when you need to replace the water in your system. This means having to drain the water but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Just pulling the plug and unleashing water can flood green spaces or basements, as well as leading to rotting, mold or water damage. Proper drainage and refilling to the appropriate water level is the best way to get great results for your water feature.

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Water Feature Care Across Honolulu

Whether you are cleaning, chemical balancing or in need of a deep clean for your water fountain, no one does it better than a Puddle Pro. Each member of the team is not only highly trained and experienced, they are local to your area. In a new environment, it can take prolonged periods of trial and error to create a treatment plan that works but not when you call Puddle! Our Puddle team is able to hit the ground running with efficient treatments and a customized treatment plan that works.

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