Honolulu Seasonal Pool Maintenance

It is easy to picture Honolulu having great weather all year long, but it experiences a winter season just like everywhere else. Whether you are getting ready to close down for the cold season or open back up in spring, your pool will need specialized attention. Honolulu seasonal pool maintenance programs cater to the unique needs of your system during the spring or fall season. When you want to make the most out of warm weather or protect your pool during the winter months, our team of Puddle technicians are here to help!

Seasonal Pool Care: Different Treatments For Every Season

The needs of your pool will change throughout the year and with that, so will your pool servicing needs. Above ground pools, as well as in-ground models have their own set of needs as temperatures drop and rise back up again. Getting your swim spaces ready for a brand new season means treating water chemistry, as well as inspecting internal mechanisms and components to keep things running smoothly.

Spring Pool Care: With the swim season around the corner, it is important for pool owners to start thinking about the best time to open their swimming pools. If your water systems have been sitting for long periods of disuse, you will do more than clean your pool with basic techniques. Simple test strips are not often enough to diagnose imbalances in all of the necessary areas. Pool water should be tested for not only chlorine levels, but pH levels, alkalinity, calcium and more. Even with leaf nets installed, there will be debris floating or sunken in pools, so debris removal is a big part of opening your swim space for spring. Before a high traffic season, it is also important to inspect your pool filter and clean out skimmer baskets.

Fall Pool Care: Closing your pool is not the only option during the colder months. Unlike some other parts of the country, Honolulu does not experience cold enough temperatures to freeze over pool basins. As the season changes, you are using your swim space less often but it does not stop needing attention. The best way to ensure your pool is in great shape throughout the year, is with a bi-weekly cleaning program. This helps to keep water in great shape, removes debris regularly and provides visual inspections of liners, mechanisms and surrounding areas.

All it takes is a quick Google search to find tons of tips for fall pool maintenance or summer start-ups but these are not always as helpful as they seem. When you want the best results for your unique swim space and water systems, it is always better to consult a local pool expert.

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Pool Care For Any Season

A swimming pool or hot tub is an investment in your home or commercial space and regular pool cleaning and maintenance from an expert is the best way to protect that investment. Every pool is different and has its own unique set of needs. Trying to apply a one-size fits all cleaning program can lead to subpar results, unexpected damage, a drop in curb appeal and health and safety risks.

Before you pull back your pool cover for the spring season, call a Puddle Pro first! Local experts are able to restore pool condition and create a safe and sanitary space for swimmers. Each member of the team is fully insured to protect pool systems, surrounding areas and all the pieces that keep your water system running smoothly. With options for full closures or on-going bi-weekly treatments, Puddle Pros help pool owners make the most out of the swim season.

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