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When most people think of Honolulu, the first thing that comes in mind is bright skies, sunshine and hot weather. While this is true most of the year, Honolulu does experience winter and the colder weather that comes along with it. From December to March, the area sees its lowest temperatures and during this period your pool is likely not getting a lot of attention. Honolulu pool closing services benefit swim spaces during the cold season, for extended vacations or other long periods of disuse.

Fall Pool Care: Closing Your Pool vs. Routine Care Programs

At the height of summer, your swimming pool is likely getting a lot of attention but as we move into fall, it is easy to lose sight of water condition and pool care. The pool closing process is designed to protect swim spaces and water systems from the potential damage that comes along with cold weather. While Honolulu doesn’t often see freezing temperatures that can freeze whole pool systems, a cold snap can cause small amounts of water to freeze. This means small amounts of water inside plumbing lines or around pool pumps can quickly become hazards. There is nothing worse than coming back from a long vacation only to find broken pool components, or even worse, burst pipes!

Because the Honolulu area does not often experience freezing temperatures, closing your pool system is not your only option. If you want to keep your pool clean and running smoothly throughout the year, pool owners can choose between a closure and a seasonal treatment plan.

Closing Your Pool: Closing an in-ground pool for the season is a multi-step approach that addresses everything from water levels, filters and internal mechanisms. If you are planning ahead for long periods of disuse, it is important to drop water levels below jets and skimmers, as well as removing detachable components to be dried and stored over winter. Even if freezing seems unlikely, applications of winterizing chemicals can help to prevent the worst-case scenario. It is also a good idea to swap out mesh covers for solid winter covers. This change reduces the amount of sunlight that reaches pool water and with that, reduces the chance of algae growth. It is also a good idea to winterize your pool drain plugs in order to prevent water from seeping in.

Seasonal Cleaning Programs: Weekly pool cleanings are common practice during warmer months but as traffic dwindles and seasons change, your pool can go down to bi-weekly services. If you do not want to fully close your swimming pool for the winter, these bi-weekly treatments keep water systems clean and makes re-opening easy. When you choose a Puddle technician for your seasonal pool cleaning programs, our team maintains water chemistry by monitoring bromine or chlorine levels, empties skimmer baskets, checks filters and pluming lines. If pool water and circulation systems are maintained over winter, when you want to open up in spring, all you have to do is flip the switch on your heater!

Puddle Pool Services: Seasonal Pool Care Done Right!

When you want the best results for your swimming pool throughout the year, ditch the basic test kits and call an expert. Each member of the Puddle team is local to your area, so we understand how the climate impacts your swim space. Puddle crews are highly trained, experienced and fully insured to provide peace of mind to property owners all across Honolulu.

With options for routine services, as well as closings, our technicians provide expert service to homes, commercial spaces and multi-unit properties.

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