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There is no better feeling than opening your pool for the start of the summer season. After long periods of sitting idle, there is no telling what you will find when you remove the cover from your water system. You can expect anything from debris buildup, algae, cloudy water or discolouration and treating these can eat into your leisure time. When you want to make the most out of warm weather, call a Puddle technician for your Honolulu pool opening services. Expert pool openings restore water condition, remove residue, ditch debris and leave swim spaces looking better than ever.

Pool Care At Home: Opening Your Pool For Use

Getting your swim space ready for use requires more than just a pool shock and vacuuming. Taking an amateur approach to pool openings often means struggling to balance water and having the process drag out for days, or even weeks at a time. Every day that you are stuck trying to clear your pool water and remove debris is another day that you are not able to fully enjoy your pool.

Puddle technicians have developed a multi-step approach that takes the guess work out of your pool opening. A more efficient approach to pool care means more time to enjoy your swim space, as well as a safe and sanitary swim space and crystal clear water.

Water Condition: Restoring water to a sanitary condition is not as simple as grabbing a few test strips and tossing in chlorine pucks. Clean water doesn’t stop at visuals alone but means in-depth chemical testing and debris removal. Having an expert test and balance your pool water means key insights into sanitizer levels, as well as pH levels, alkalinity, calcium and more. Each of these play a key role in not only water chemistry but the overall condition of your pool.

Water Levels: During the course of a pool closing, it is common for technicians to drop the water levels in an in-ground pool so it falls below the jets and skimmer opening. This process protects internal components from freezing or other unexpected damage in the event of a cold snap. It is important to restore the water levels so circulation systems can go back to work during the warm season. This is also the time to inspect drain plugs and pool equipment that might have been winterized for the season. Water levels are not always dropped in an above ground pool but water or air bags may have been installed to prevent freezing.

Remove Residue & Debris: After long periods of disuse, pool owners are likely to find a lot of unwanted debris floating around systems. During the swim season when pools are in high use, this can be as simple as needing to skim the surface but after a slow season, it means heavy scrubbing, thorough vacuuming with speciality tools, as well as emptying skimmer baskets and cleaning the pool filter.

Visual Inspections & Testing: Without a functional circulation and filtration system your water systems will look more like a swamp than a swimming pool. Over the course of a slow season, pools often do not get much attention and that leaves the door open for unexpected damage. A trained eye can perform a visual inspection of everything from the pool cover, pump, motor, return lines and even liners. Catching a potential problem when it is small makes it possible to perform a small repair instead of a large-scale replacement.

Puddle Pool Services: Getting the Best Results For Your Spring Pool Care

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Honolulu area, so we understand what your water systems are up against. Creating a pool maintenance program means catering services to the unique needs of your water system, as well as the surrounding area. With extensive knowledge of the area, balancing water is a breeze for our highly trained and experienced Puddle Pros.

In addition to offering top results and excellent customer service, Puddle technicians offer peace of mind with a fully insured team and a long track record of happy customers throughout the area.

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