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Honolulu might be known for its pristine beaches but that doesn’t mean that tourists and locals can’t enjoy a great swimming pool. For households, hotels, recreation centres and gyms, having access to a clean and inviting pool can help to make the most out of a whole weekend or just an afternoon. There are plenty of benefits to pool ownership but keeping up with cleaning isn’t one of them! Professional Honolulu pool cleaning keeps water crystal clear, eliminates algae, ditches debris, keeps systems running smoothly and reduces running costs.

Not every pool and spa service is created equal. The needs of your pool system will vary depending on the amount of traffic that you are dealing with, as well as surrounding areas and even the time of year. A commercial pool is often more high traffic than swim spaces in a single-family home, meaning more frequent cleaning and water balancing. Working with a pool specialist can help to create a custom treatment plan designed for your unique space.

Expert Pool Care: The Benefits of a Multi-Step Approach

When you think of pool maintenance, it is common to get caught up on pool water alone. Maintaining water chemistry is an important part of cleaning and pool care but it is only one part of a sanitary water system. When you want the best results for your water systems, it is important to take a multi-step approach that caters to your swim space from the inside, out.

Water Chemistry: It is important to test your water on a regular basis, but it is more important to know what you are looking at. A quick shock might be able to reduce the look of cloudy water but that does not mean that the pool water is sanitary to swim in. It is important to keep track of sanitizer levels, as well as pH levels, total alkalinity, calcium and more. Everything from a heavy rain to high heats can have an impact on water chemistry, so it is important to test and balance water on a weekly basis, whether you are in a single family home or a high traffic space.

Internal Mechanisms & Components: There are many parts of pool systems that are working behind the scenes. Chemical applications are great but they won’t do much good if there isn’t a working pool pump to circulate them throughout your pool water. Regular inspections and testing of the pool filter, pumps, motor, return lines and even liners can help to identify problem areas and organize repairs before issues become worse. In the event that mechanisms are blocked or clogged, it will take more energy to make systems work and this drives up bills. Regular cleaning reduces unnecessary wear and tear to parts, prolonging lifespans and reducing the need for premature pool repairs and replacements.

Puddle Pool Services: Excellent Results Across Honolulu

Every year, pool owners try to tackle their own pool maintenance, only to end up with subpar results or swampy water. In addition to looking terrible, this can lead to serious health issues, as well as irritations and infections, known as recreational water illnesses. Instead of struggling to keep up with the demands of your pool, call an expert for great results at any time of year.

With a variety of options for pool cleaning services, our Puddle technicians are able to provide expert pool care for homes and commercial spaces all across the Honolulu area. With options for weekly and bi-weekly pool cleaning services, as well as seasonal treatments and single service call outs, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle Pro.

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