Brant Water Feature Maintenance

A garden fountain is a great addition to any property, but only if it is running smoothly. Water features are up against the elements in the same way that a pool or hot tub is but they often do not get the same amount of attention. Just because you don’t swim in them doesn’t mean that fountains shouldn’t be kept clean. Water care, cleaning and maintenance improves visuals, keep systems in good shape and prolong the lifespan of your features and our Puddle Pros are here to help. Brant water feature maintenance programs protect fountains and add curb appeal to homes and commercial properties.

Whether inside or outdoors, water fountain care is no easy feat! It takes more than a bit of mild soap and a soft cloth to get rid of algae growth and discolouration. Outdoor fountain care often means having to contend with algae, mold and organic debris from surrounding plant life, while indoors fountains are more prone to white scale, mineral deposits and manmade contaminants. Instead of dealing with poor visuals, bad smells and unnecessary damage, call a pro for routine care, deep cleans and seasonal maintenance.

Water Feature Care: What to Know

In order to keep fountains working properly, it is important to create a treatment plan that addresses both visuals and function. The larger that fountains are, the more difficult they are to clean. In the case of large models with multiple tiers, upper layers are often left untreated because they are difficult to reach. The longer that these areas go without cleaning, the worse issues become.

Concrete is hard to the touch but it is ultimately a porous surface, If there is algae sitting on concrete for long periods of time, moisture will seep into pores weakening it. Aiming high pressure sprays like a power washer at these areas will lead to breakage. A heavy handed approach can often lead to unexpected and expensive damage and that is why customized treatment plans are key to successful cleaning practices.

Routine Fountain Maintenance: When you want to keep your fountain running smoothly, routine care is the best way to do it. Depending on your level of traffic and surrounding plant life, your fountains might be overrun with debris and water chemistry might become imbalanced frequently.

Service Call: If you are taking over a new property or are coming back after long absences, it is always a good idea to call an expert to have your fountain treated and restored. A trained eye can point out potential issues before they become disasters.

Seasonal Treatments: When cold weather comes back around it is important to make sure that your fountain is ready to withstand the winter. This can mean draining water from basins, as well as taking the time to remove the pump and detachable components so they can be properly stored for the cold season. Taking an amateur approach to dropping your water level can result in flooding, water damage and leaks.

The Puddle Guarantee: The Best Results For Your Water Fountain Cleaning

Every Puddle service begins with an in-depth assessment of your water features. This means inspecting structures and creating treatment plans according to their age and condition, avoiding damage. By offering a wide range of service options Puddle Pool Services get the best possible results for homes and businesses throughout Brant.

Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained, experienced and fully insured to provide peace of mind and excellent results. Local technicians understand exactly what water features are up against and know how to get results.

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