Brant Pool Leak Detection

As much as you might be looking forward to enjoying your swim space throughout the spring and summer, a leak in your pool will put a damper on that real quick! Swimming pool leaks don’t just drop the water level in your system, it makes it impossible to balance chemical levels and can mean serious damage to surrounding areas. If you suspect that you are losing water don’t hesitate to call Puddle for thorough and reliable Brant pool leak detection services. 

When it comes to managing pool leaks, detection is half the battle. Water loss isn’t always obvious so it can take days, weeks or even months to realize that you might have a leak. Instead of just refilling your pool on a daily basis and hoping for the best, call a local Puddle technician for thorough pool leak detection and a repair plan to stop water loss in its tracks. 

Leak Detection in Pools: The Best Way to Track Down Water Loss 

You can expect some water loss to occur naturally in any pool, spa or hot tub. Depending on the amount of people using your swim space and the outdoor temperature, your water level might drop by anywhere from 3-5 inches over the course of a week. If you start to notice more than that or find yourself having to top up water on a daily basis, it is time to consider that you are dealing with a pool leak. Other indicators might include high water bills, an inability to balance water chemicals and in extreme cases, pooling water in yards. 

A bucket test is a traditional way to look for water loss.This type of testing involves filing a bucket with water and setting it out next to the swimming pool. When exposed to the same conditions you should expect to see the same amount of water loss in each. If the water is lower in the pool than in the bucket, you might be dealing with a leak. 

Pressure Testing: This type of testing is best suited for tracking down plumbing leaks in pools. It uses air flow applied to water lines. The air moves through lines and if it comes into contact with a crack or opening will create air bubbles. These bubbles can be tracked visually or in the case of underground leaks you can hear gurgling sounds. 

Dye Testing: It is easy to overlook something as small as a tear in a vinyl liner but even a tiny tear can lead to a serious headache. Dye tests work by turning off the pool pump so water is still and then strategically applying coloured dyes to pool water. Because dyes are heavier than water they will be drawn to leaks. This means being able to track the dye right to the source of the leak, whether it be an issue with the pool liner or concrete foundations. 

After years in the Industry, our Puddle Pros know how to track down and isolate leaks in any above ground pool or inground model. If there is damage in your water systems, Puddle technicians will track it down and help to organize necessary repairs with reliable experts in your area. 

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