Brant Pool Inspections

When pools are flowing properly, they add a lot to homes and businesses throughout Brant. An inviting swim space is the ideal location to host an event, attract guests in a hotel space, bring new members to fitness centres and adds value to any property. As great as a swimming pool might be, they can be difficult to maintain. If you are interested in purchasing a home, selling your home or are worried about the condition of an existing pool system, an inspection is always a good idea. Puddle Pool technicians offer expert Brant pool inspections that provide insight into the functionality and condition of pools, providing clients with peace of mind and a whole lot of information.

The most common time to hire an expert to inspect your pool, spas or hot tubs is during the sale or purchase of a property. During the sale of a house, it is common to have a home inspector come through to assess condition of key areas like roofing, foundations and more but they do not often inspect swimming pools. Buying a home with a pool is a great investment but without a thorough inspection, there is always the possibility of unseen damage happening behind the scenes.

Swimming Pool Inspections: What’s Included?

The goal of any pool inspection is to assess the condition of a swim space, but different inspection types cover different areas of your swim space. Some of these area are geared toward insurance claims and coverage, while others focus on construction and permitting. Depending on the desired goal of a project, each of these can really benefit your space but technical inspections often don’t pay attention to functionality. Level I pool inspection services test, assess and report issues with internal water systems, surface issues and even surrounding areas that are contributing to cloudy or green water.

Even if you are experienced in cleaning and managing a pool, spa or hot tub, without technical training, it is impossible to perform a proper assessment of overall condition. Instead of just viewing one area of your swim space, our Puddle technicians provide an overview of how your system is running.

Visual Inspections: It is easy to become focused on water condition and overlook issues that are happening right under your nose. Missing out on small tears in vinyl liners will lead to them becoming larger, allowing water to seep in and causing damage. A trained eye can spot small tears, as well as cracks or breakage in necessary plumbing lines and components.

System Testing: Even if surfaces and structures look like they are in good shape, it is important to test heaters, pumps, motors and other components that keep it running. If one of these components break down, it means costly repairs and a whole lot of headache. This is also an opportune time for leak detection if home owners suspect that there might be a leak somewhere behind the scenes. This is often the case if you notice a rapid decline in water levels.

Surrounding Areas & Safety Issues: If pools are going green even with regular pool cleaning, it may be an issue with your environment. Plant life too close to water leaves lots of debris behind while high growth seasons can lead phosphate and pollen to littering pools, leading to an increase in algae growth. An inspection is also the ideal time to check out safety features and equipment, like safety railings and ladders, diving boards, pool decks and more.

It is important to note that a Level I does not come with a written report and cannot be used for permitting, insurance claims or construction planning.

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