Brant Seasonal Pool Maintenance

After a long winter, a changing of the seasons can be just what the doctor ordered. Whether you are preparing for winter or setting the stage for spring, your swimming pool should be an integral part of seasonal prep. As the seasons change, so do the needs of your pool and failing to keep up with those needs can result in serious damage. Professional Brant seasonal pool maintenance protects pools from the cold, provides excellent openings in spring and offers off-season treatment plants to keep your system running smoothly.

A pool cleaning program is great for keeping water crystal clear during the spring and summer but when cold weather comes around, swim spaces are often given less attention than they need. If your idea of closing a pool for the winter is throwing on a cover and walking away, you are in for an unpleasant surprise in spring. Instead of throwing back pool covers to find a swamp, call a local Puddle Pro for your seasonal pool care.

Seasonal Pool Services: What to Do & When

Ontario is known to be a winter wonderland and that can be a huge pain for pool owners. If you want to keep your water systems running it is important to consider what pools are up against at any time of year.

Fall Pool Care: When the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees, it is time to close down swimming pools. When closing a system for the fall and winter, it is important to create a treatment plan that caters to your unique swim space. For example, dropping the water level in an inground pool is important to prevent freezing but in an above ground pool, installing air or water bags achieves the same goal. Winterizing drain plugs help to keep water out of vulnerable areas and detachable components can be removed to prevent plastic from becoming brittle.

Spring Pool Care: If you have ever opened your pool on your own, you understand how complicated this process can be. As soon as warm weather hits, pool owners are keen to get their systems up and running. The opening process can’t be done in a single day but requires a multi-step chemical treatment plan to get back to being sanitary. Even if you’ve installed a pool cover, debris has a way of finding its way inside. Shock treatments, heavy scrubbing, vacuuming and inspections are all key elements of opening up for the swim season.

Off-Season Pool Programs: During the spring and summer, weekly pool programs are common but water systems will need less attention as temperatures drop. Instead of closing your water system down completely, switching over to a bi-weekly off-season program keeps swim spaces clean and functional all year long. This means balancing chlorine levels, regular checks on the pool filter and circulation system, debris removal and emptying of skimmer baskets. If you choose an off-season program, getting pools ready for use in spring is as simple as flipping the switch on a heater and removing your winter cover.

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Brant area, so you are never stuck dealing with trial and error. Highly trained and experienced technicians provide expert insight at any time of year and are fully insured to provide peace of mind as well as great results.

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