Brant Pool Opening

Ontario is known for freezing winters so it is no surprise that as soon as the weather gets warm, pool owners want to get their swimming pools up and running. After months of sitting stagnant, you are more than likely to pull back pool covers to find green water, algae, black mold and foul smells. If this is the case, don’t worry! You can still make the most out of the swim season with a bit of help from Puddle. Professional Brant pool openings restore pools to their former glory, creating sanitary swim spaces just in time for summer.

When the weather gets hot Brant residents are quick to plan a beach day or trip to a splash pad but nothing beats having an accessible swim space at home. Harsh winters can take a toll on water systems and that is what makes a proper closing so important. When opening back up in spring it is important to undo whatever was done on closing, as well as water treatments, deep cleans and debris removal.

Pool Opening Services: What to Expect

During the closing process, water levels are dropped and detachable components are removed to be dried and stored for winter. One of the first steps to opening up for summer is to replace these components and restore water levels, as well as ensuring that drain plugs are open for water flow. All it takes is a garden hose to replace water levels and then in-depth treatments can begin!

Managing pool equipment means inspecting quality, assessing condition and testing systems to make sure that they are running as they should be. Cold weather can make plastic brittle and frozen pipes can lead to expansion in pipes, with the potential to warp or even burst materials. Having a trained eye look over your circulation systems means insight into what is keeping your system moving. An opening is also an opportune time to check over the pool pump and filters, cleaning them wherever necessary.

Initial shock treatments can help to reduce cloudiness or discolouration but this is only the first step to getting your pool back to usable. Even with a winter cover, debris has a way of finding its way inside. Experts will vacuum your pool, removing sunken debris, skim floating debris form surfaces and use pool brushes to scrub walls, stairs and other key areas. From here, water systems are tested to make sure that everything from the cover, pump, filters, motor, return lines and more are all in good working order.

Once surfaces are scrubbed and systems have been tested, it is time for a final balance of water chemistry. Having water tested by an expert tests not only for basic chlorine levels but for alkalinity, pH levels and calcium as well.

Puddle Pool Services: Setting You Up For Summer

The best time to open your pool is when the average outdoor temperature reaches 21 degrees. Local Puddle technicians understand how to treat inground and above ground pools, in both homes and commercial environments. Instead of struggling through trial and error only to end up with subpar results or unexpected damage, call a Puddle Pro instead.

This spring, don’t be afraid to remove the cover from your pool, just call a Puddle Pro instead. Our technicians don’t try to apply a one-size-fits-all approach to pool care, we create customized treatment plans instead. By taking a catered approach to pool openings, Puddle technicians get the best possible results for pools of any size, type and style. Each member of the Puddle team is not only highly trained and experienced for great results, but they are also fully insured to provide peace of mind.

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