Brant Hot Tub Maintenance

Nothing beats lounging in a hot tub but this enjoyment only comes along with the hard work of keeping these tubs clean! Scrubbing, vacuuming, water balancing and chemical applications can eat into your free time. When you want to keep your water systems clean and inviting but don’t want to sacrifice your free time, call a Puddle Pro for your Brant hot tub maintenance.

Puddle technicians provide expert cleaning on a regular basis, as well as seasonal deep cleans that keep systems running smoothly and help to prolong the lifespan of your water systems. As a spa owner, it is easy to assume that you can DIY your hot tub care. Every year, property owners try to manage a hot tub with an amateur approach only to end up with subpar results or even damage. Ditch the risk and call a professional for your routine cleanings, deep cleans or one-time service calls.

The Perks of Professional Hot Tub Cleaning

Hot tubs can be used at the height of winter or during warm weather. Because they are usable year round, tubs and spa can expect traffic all year long and that means cleanings all year long. More than being just convenient, hiring an expert for your hot tub cleaning can help to improve the health of your water system, boost curb appeal and avoid the high costs of repairs and replacements.

Water Condition: Just because you have warm water in your system doesn’t mean that it is clean! It does not take much for water to go cloudy or become discoloured. Not only does this look awful, it creates an unsafe swimming environment. Taking a dip in contaminated water can result in recreational water illnesses like skin irritations, ear and eye infections and digestive issues. Standard test strips can help to point out obvious problem areas, like sanitizer levels but overlook other important chemical levels. Water chemistry depends on chlorine or bromine, as well as pH levels, total alkalinity, calcium and more, so leave it up to the experts!

Shells & Structures: Every body that enters your spa water leaves something behind. Body lotions, hair products, sunscreen, hair and other materials seep off of bodies and into water. Body products and lotions will float along surfaces until they rest on hot tub shells, creating a residue line. This residue can also settle along walls, seats and flooring, creating slippery surfaces. Combining a heavy handed approach and harsh chemicals during cleaning can scrape away at protective coatings, leading to damage. Scrubbing shells, vacuuming debris and cleaning off hot tub covers requires speciality tools and cleaners. Luckily, our Puddle Pros are fully stocked.

Water Systems: Stagnant water cannot stay clean for long. Without a functional circulation system, hot tub chemicals are not dispersed throughout basins. This opens the door to algae growth, bacteria build up, cloudy water, discolourations and more. Proper inspections of pool filters, pumps, motors and more ensure that things are running as they should. If one component of your system fails, it forces other areas to work harder, causing additional strain, as well as wear and tear on systems.

Deep Cleans: Even with regular cleanings, there will come a time when you have to drain and clean your system. As easy as it might be to drain and refill a bathtub, a hot tub works much differently. Just pulling the plug will unleash hundreds of gallons of your hot tub’s water into lawns and sensitive areas that will result in flooding, water damage, rot, stains and mold. Puddle technicians perform deep cleans or a Hot Tub Refresh that clean systems inside and out. Multi-part chemical treatments clean plumbing, trained technicians drain water properly, scrub and clean shells, and return to balance water once it is refilled. All that hot tub owners have to do is monitor a garden hose!

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Hot Tub Care in Brant

Every aspect of your hot tub plays a role in its overall condition. From hot tub filters, spa covers, shells and chemistry, it all contributes! Instead of struggling to keep up with the demands of your water system, call an expert for the best results, the first time around!

Each member of the Puddle team is local to your area, so they understand how to create custom treatment plans according to the unique needs of your hot tub. Treating water spaces in a commercial setting means managing high traffic spaces on a routine basis. In a commercial setting, this might mean standard weekly or bi-weekly cleanings, or a custom plan. By offering a variety of treatment plans, our Puddle technicians are able to service properties of all sizes and styles, all across Brant.

In addition to being highly experienced, Puddle technicians are fully insured to provide peace of mind, as well as excellent results.

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