Ladner Water Feature Maintenance

Water features can add a lot to any property. From the gentle sounds of running water, increased curb appeal and even a meeting place for guests in a commercial space. As great as a garden fountain might be, it can be tough to keep these clean. Unlike other household surfaces, fountains are prone to algae growth, discolourations and, in an outdoor environment, a ton of debris.

Calling a Puddle Pro for your Ladner water feature maintenance means your system stays crystal clear, mechanisms are running smoothly and your fountain is left looking great. Debris floating along water surfaces looks awful, but it can also lead to damage and the need for expensive repairs and replacements. Don’t wait for disaster, call a Puddle Pro instead!

Water Feature Care: What to Know

When you want to clean your fountain, there is a wide range of things to consider. Based on the climate in your area, plants in the surrounding area and the type of water fountain that you are dealing with, the needs of your water system can change drastically. Keeping a water feature clean means regular cleaning practices, the occasional deep clean and seasonal maintenance as well.

Outdoor Water Fountains: Managing outdoor water features means going up against the elements. Everything from a strong wind to heavy rains can impact the overall condition of your water. For example, a strong wind can dislodged debris from nearby plant life, placing leaves, sticks, dirt, dust and other items into water, where they either float or sink. Items floating along water surfaces can clog sensitive areas like the filter, motor or water pump. If outdoor fountain pumps become clogged, they are forced to work harder to circulate water, meaning undue strain and a whole lot of headache.

Indoor Water Fountain Care: Fountains indoors might not experience the same type of organic threats that outdoor models do but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need regular attention. Without regular inspections and chemical balancing, it does not take long for indoor models to develop white scale or mineral deposits. These can reduce water flow, but they can also impact structural integrity over time. In a situation with a vinyl liner, anything resting on fountain bottoms can leave a mark behind (pennies aren’t such good luck, after all!).

Seasonal Fountain Care: it is important to remove debris at any point of year, but when heading from one season to another, there are always extra tasks that need to be performed. For example, dropping the water level to avoid freezing. Trying to drain the water from a fountain with an amateur technique can result in unexpected flooding of lawns, as well as water damage to surrounding areas and structures. It is also a good idea to treat larger fountains with specialized chemicals to prevent algae buildup throughout the way, but particularly when opening up after the cold season.

Hiring An Expert For Your Water Fountain Cleaning

There is never a bad time to call a Puddle Pro for the care and cleaning of your water fountain. Our team of technicians are local to your area, so you never have to worry about trial and error. It can take years to dial in your water fountain care, but our Puddle technicians have put the legwork in for you. With options for regular cleaning, as well as deep cleans and seasonal care, our team can help to boost curb appeal, as well as prolonging the lifespan of vital components that keeps your pool running.

Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced, as well as fully insured for peace of mind and excellent results, at any time of year.

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