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British Columbia is known for its lush plant life, mild winters and beautiful outdoor scenery. When you want to make the most out of your surroundings, nothing gets the job done better than a quick dip in a backyard pool. Having to clean your water feature takes away from time spent enjoying it, so pass the heavy lifting onto a pro.

Calling a Puddle Pool pro for your Ladner pool cleaning services helps to keep your water features in great shape and ready for use. In addition to skimming floating debris, our experts can help to prevent algae growth, maintain water balance, and inspect your filter system.

Pool Care: Who, What, Where, When & Why

Hiring a professional for your pool installation is a no-brainer but expert maintenance is often overlooked. The truth is that even if you think you can handle your pool cleaning on your own, an amateur approach opens the door to unexpected damage. Even a bit of neglect can lead to potential health risks, structural damage and maybe even flooding. Don’t turn a blind eye to the needs of your pool and spa, when our Puddle pros are only a phone call away.

Who – Can Perform Pool Cleaning? In theory, there is no limit as to who can clean a pool, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should! After years of industry experience, there is nothing that our team of experts haven’t seen and there is no issue that they can’t solve.

What – Should You Watch Out For? Depending on the plant life throughout your surrounding area, you might find organic debris floating on the surface of your swimming pool. It is important to skim this away as soon as possible, so it doesn’t sink but this is not the only part of your pool that deserves attention. Your pool circulation system is the lifeblood of your feature, but it is often ignored. Puddle experts inspect filters to ensure there is no buildup, which can impact efficiency and put strain on motors.

Where – Can I Get Service? Professional pool cleaning in Ladner is designed to accommodate multiple property types. Whether you have a personal in-ground pool or above ground pool, or are looking for service around a high traffic public pool, there is nothing that our highly-trained crews can’t handle.

When – Should I Have My Pool Cleaned? There is rarely a time where pools and spas could not benefit from a thorough cleaning, but the needs of every water feature will vary. Surrounding areas, level of usage, pool type and a variety of other factors will impact how often your pool needs cleaning. Checking your pool and its chlorine levels is great practice but scheduled cleaning can help to avoid damage, or even recreational water illnesses for users.

Why – Is Regular Pool Cleaning So Important? There are a lot of moving parts to a functioning pool. More than just diagnosing water with a basic testing kit, proper care and maintenance involves the pool filter, motor, and structural areas like pool walls and steps. Regular treatment and care can eliminate algae buildup that creates slippery surfaces, leading to slips and falls. The risk of personal injury, combined with the possibility of water-related diseases encourages regular cleaning in order to keep users safe.

More Than Just Water Care

It is easy to get caught up in the idea of pH levels and water balance but it is just as important to keep an eye on pool equipment. Some manual tools, like skimmers are easy to maintain but without proper inspection, it is impossible to tell whether or not electric or automatic tools are working properly.

A skimmer basket, for example, is meant to collect floating debris but it can become full. In this case, you assume that it is working but there is debris being left behind. The same applies to your pool vacuum. It is easy to assume that these appliances are sucking up sunken debris but heads are not always able to reach into corners, creating a pocket for bacteria. Enlisting an expert means cleaning these areas, along with pool covers, slides, diving boards and everything in-between.

The locally owned and operated pool cleaning services at Puddle Pools are fully insured to protect our clients and their property. When you begin to notice signs of contaminated water, attempting to shock the pool is not enough. With options for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services, it is possible to care for pools that are public or private, and of any type and style.

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