Ladner Pool Opening

A swimming pool is not only an asset to a property, but it is an investment. The minute that temperatures start to warm, property owners want to pull back pool covers and hop in, but there is more to it than just that. When you want to create a clean and inviting swim space, call a Puddle technician for your Ladner pool opening service.

Closing down a water system for winter is a multi-step process, and your opening shouldn’t be any different. Winterizing drain plugs in fall is important, as is cleaning and storing detachable components, and dropping the water level. When opening back up, it is important to not only undo all of the closing elements, but to perform a visual inspection, water treatment and deep clean, as well. When you are ready to open your pool for the season, call a Puddle Pro for great results, done safely.

Pool Opening: A Multi-Step Approach

Keeping a pool clean requires consistency but it also needs a great jumping off point. Throughout the Ladner area, your property goes through a lot throughout the course of the year, and the elements definitely leave their mark. When you remove the cover in spring, a basic cleaning practice will not be enough to undo all of the strain that winter has put on your water systems.

When a pool is closed, water levels are often dropped. Dropping the water level to a few inches below the skimmer line prevents water from seeping into vulnerable areas and freezing. If small amounts of water are allowed to freeze inside return lines, filters, or motors, it can lead to damage, and can lead to plastic components becoming brittle. Frozen temperatures and water can drastically reduce the lifespan of key components of your filtration and circulation systems.

Treating water requires more than a simple test kit. Test strips can identify obvious inconsistencies in water chemistry but they cannot help to correct issues left over from a whole season of sitting idle. When you are experiencing algae growth, discolourations, cloudy water, debris or residue, call an experienced pool technician for the best results possible. Having your water tested by an expert can help to eliminate risks of RWIs or other associated illnesses caused by contaminated water.

Caring for a pool pump and filter is another core component of opening a water system for spring/summer. This can mean checking the pressure gauge on a sand filter, and changing cartridge filters to ensure that your pool is putting its best foot forward as the season kicks off.

The overall condition of your pool depends on your pool water, structure, equipment and internal mechanisms. You might not give much thought to diving boards but prolonged exposure to moisture and organic debris can often leave surfaces covered in algae. Algae growth makes surfaces slippery, creating a dangerous environment for swimmers, as well as those just walking by.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results, Every Time

Before you reach for the garden hose or chlorine pucks to treat your pool, consult an expert for the best results possible. When you want to keep your water crystal clear, your cover cleaner, surrounding areas safe and circulation systems more efficient than ever, look no further than your friendly neighbourhood Puddle Pro.
In addition to great results, Puddle technicians offer excellent customer services and fully insured staff and treatments, providing peace of mind, as well. Our team of experts are able to add water, vacuum the pool, remove residue, scoop out debris, treat water and prolong the lifespan of filters, motors and more. With options for by-phone and online bookings 24 hours a day, there is never a bad time to book a pool opening with a Puddle technician.

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