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Having an accessible swimming pool right in your backyard is an investment in your home and in your enjoyment. As great as a pool and hot tub might be, cleaning and maintenance of these areas can be a pain. When you want the best results for your swim space but are not willing to give up your summer leisure time to get it, call a Puddle Pro! Professional Ladner residential pool services bring excellent results right to your front door, cleaning and preserving swim spaces, so homeowners don’t have to.

When it comes to pool care at home, homeowners are left to manage their own water balance and overall condition. In a commercial space, there is often a team dedicated to keeping on top of chlorine levels, clearing cloudy water, monitoring the filtration system and keeping an eye on structures and liners. Getting the best results for your water system means breaking pool maintenance down into bite-size pieces that each cater to one area of your swim space.

Residential Pool Care: Great Results, Right to Your Front Door

When pool water starts to go cloudy or shows signs of discolouration, it is a clear message that you are in need of a chemical treatment. Shocking the pool might seem like the answer, but a quick treatment might not be enough to get pools back to sanitary condition. Unlike cleaning surfaces inside, it takes more than a basic cleaning and wipe with a soft cloth to clean off pool sides, bottoms and surrounding areas.

Everyone has had the experience of pulling back a pool cover, only to find leaves, seed pods, or insects floating along water surfaces or sunk to the bottom of the pool. A pool vacuum can help with these issues to some degree but a vacuum head is not designed to dig into corners, scrub walls or clean off stairs. Letting debris sit on the bottom of the pool can lead to staining on liners, and floating items can break apart, filling up the skimmer basket and creating clogs in lines. Blockages restrict water flow and make it harder for systems to function, making the pool pump and motor work harder and sucking up more and more energy.

Anyone can pop out to a pool supply store for a testing kit but these tools can’t always identify problem areas. Maintaining water chemistry means checking sanitizers, such as chlorine or bromine, as well as pH levels, alkalinity and more. When you want to keep your pool cleaner, over a longer period regular testing and treatment is key.

Keeping water circulating is key to maintaining great condition. If water is sitting still, chemicals are not being carried throughout the basin and systems, leaving behind the opportunity for bacteria to buildup. It is also always a good rule of thumb to check pool filters regularly, whether they are cartridge filters or sand. In the case of swimming pools with vinyl liners, visual inspections from a trained eye can help to identify problem areas, or small tears. Pool and spa repair is simple when issues are small, and early action can reduce the need for heavy-duty repairs or premature replacements.

Puddle Pool Services: Excellent Results Throughout Ladner

Pool cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all project but requires customized plans that cater to the unique needs and characteristics of your swim space and surrounding areas. Over the course of the year, the needs of your pool system will change. The same chemical applications that work for you over summer will not get the same results over the fall months. Being able to tweak your treatment routines as you go is key to keeping swimming pools in great shape throughout the year.

Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to provide peace of mind to homeowners, as well as great results. Instead of visiting every now and then, Puddle technicians are able to organize pool cleanings as often as weekly or bi-weekly depending on the season, and are able to provide deep cleans and seasonal treatments as necessary.

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