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Ladner is a great place to call home and for those looking to purchase a home in this area, a pool can help to create that ideal living space. An on-site pool or hot tub makes it easier to enjoy time spent at home, as well as making the most out of the summer season with friends and family. As great as a swim space might seem, they are only beneficial when they are working properly. Before you commit to the purchase of sale of a home, it is always a good idea to call a Puddle technician for your Ladner pool inspections.

There is never a bad time to call a pool inspector but the most common times for inspection services are when selling your home, buying a property or if you are experiencing obvious signs of struggle. Potential home buyers do not want to finalize a sale, only to find out that pool systems are aged or damaged and require expensive repairs. Instead of suffering through complaints as a seller, expenses as a buyer or damage caused by delayed maintenance, call a Puddle technician for your commercial or residential pool inspections.

How to Inspect Your Pool: Inspections, Testing and Diagnosing

Home inspections are often a part of the purchase or sale of a property, but these do not extend to swimming pools. A home inspector is well-versed in assessing issues with foundations, roofing, plumbing and heating. A pool, spa or hot tub, is its own animal and has a different set of needs than the structures around your property. A Level I Pool Inspection provides peace of mind to buyers, sellers and homeowners that swimming pools are in good condition.

A Level I Pool Inspection Includes:

Visual Inspection of Structures: This may be an overview of the surrounding poolside, as well as diving boards and slides. One of the main points of focus during a visual inspection is any visible cracks in concrete structures or tears in vinyl liners.

Circulation & Filtration Systems: A pool inspector will check and test return lines, pool pumps, heaters and check on the condition of cartridge filters and sand filters. Full cartridge filters can be cleaned and replaced, while sand filters will require heavy lifting and a full sand replacement.
Water Condition: If water condition is poor, it will need to be chemically treated or, in the case of concrete pools, potentially drained and replaced. Experienced technicians will provide insights into issues with surrounding plant life that could be contributing to poor water condition. Puddle experts will recommend a treatment plan based on the state of your water system.

A Level I pool inspection service does not come with written reports and cannot be used for insurance purposes. Basic swimming pool inspections are designed to provide peace of mind that all pool components are functional, as well as insight into the age and condition of systems.

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