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For many homeowners in Ladner, fall is the time to watch the leaves change, celebrate the holidays and soak up the last days of warm weather. Through all of this, pool care is likely the last thing on your mind. As temperatures drop, pools get less and less attention but waiting too long to close your pool for winter can mean big trouble for pool owners. Calling a professional for your Ladner pool closing services means getting great results and protecting your pool throughout the cold season.

Without a proper closure, you may be met with a nasty surprise in spring. No one wants to pull back a pool cover only to find cloudy or green water, algae blooms, foul smells and a ton of debris, but that is a reality for many pool owners. From preventative chemical applications, winter covers and more, our team of Puddle technicians are able to get the best results for your water system, all year long.

Fall Pool Care: What to Know

As the seasons change, your swimming pool is at risk of contamination. An influx of debris can leave pools looking awful while a shift in temperature can cause chemicals to become imbalanced. Imbalanced water, as well as a ton of debris being left behind in systems drag down curb appeal, create health and safety issues and can have a negative impact on overall condition. Stepping foot into an imbalanced swimming pool can lead to serious issues, like recreational water illnesses like ear infections, skin irritations and digestive issues.

Inspections & Testing: Winter weather and cold temperatures have a negative impact on pool equipment, so it is important to ensure that your components are in good shape going into the cold season. Visual inspections of equipment, structures and liners can help to pinpoint problem areas and can organize repairs before cold snaps exacerbate issues.

Water Levels and Chemical Balance: Ladner is not known for prolonged freezing temperatures but that doesn’t mean that water can’t freeze inside internal components and plumbing lines. Frozen water inside lines will expand up to 9%, which doesn’t seem like much but it is enough to burst pipes. Frozen water inside lines, pool pumps or motors can cause plastic components to become brittle and crack. Taking the time to drain the water levels so it falls below the jets and skimmers prevents water from seeping into sensitive areas. Winterizing drain plugs also protects internal water systems from damage. Balancing water chemistry, alongside chlorine levels, winter chemicals and more can help to reduce the risk of algae growth and contamination throughout the slow season.

Inspect/Clean/Change Filters: Your pool filter is a key component in keeping your pool cleaner, over longer periods. These useful tools are designed to trap and hold debris for a clearer picture of your water systems. A cartridge filter should be removed and cleaned seasonally while a sand filter has different needs. Pressure gauges dictate when sand needs to be changed, usually every 3-5 years. It is important to understand the condition of your filters when going into the slow season.

When it comes to seasonal pool maintenance, every little bit counts. Even the type of pool cover that you choose has an impact on overall condition. Mesh covers are great during the warmer season because they allow sunlight to aid in heating water, but during cold weather, this contributes to algae growth. Installing a solid winter cover keeps sunlight out and reduces growth rates.

Puddle Pool Services : Great Results For Your Pool Closing

When you want to set your pool system up for a successful season, ditch the basic test kit and call an expert instead. Each member of the Puddle team is local to your area, so we understand the best way to treat your water systems throughout the year. After years of industry experience, our technicians know how to treat in-ground models, as well as above ground pools.

In addition to closing water systems for the winter season, our Puddle experts also offer a bi-weekly treatment plan that keeps your swimming pool in great shape all year long. Maintaining a bi-weekly treatment means that when spring comes back around, all you have to do is turn your heater on and dive on in.

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