Cambridge Water Feature Maintenance

A water feature can be the main attraction for homes and commercial spaces, or it can be a major liability — it all depends on your cleaning program. If your fountain is clean and running smoothly it will create an appealing visual and even add value to your property but a dirty fountain will drag down curb appeal and is a safety risk. Hiring Puddle for your Cambridge water feature maintenance keeps water clean and flowing and avoids unnecessary damage. 

Water fountains are exposed to the elements in the same way that a swimming pool is but it is easy to overlook a water feature. It is easy to spot cloudy water in an indoor fountain that you walk by every day but when it comes to garden fountains, it is easy to lose sight of their condition. Even though you aren’t swimming in it, a dirty fountain can lead to serious issues like skin irritations, eye infections, digestive issues and more. The goal of professional water fountain care is to maintain a safe space, keep systems running smoothly and prolong the lifespan of your components. 

Water Feature Care: The Best Way to Get Results 

Cleaning your water feature is not as simple as scrubbing out a bathtub with a bleach based cleaner and scrub brush. Using harsh chemicals or pressure washing methods can damage protective coatings and blast away aged or weakened materials. Aiming a pressure washer at a vulnerable area can result in serious damage so avoid a DIY disaster by calling a local Puddle Pro. 

Water features come in all shapes and sizes and some of these are easier to maintain than the others. An indoor wall fountain is more susceptible to mineral deposits and contamination from manmade sources. Outdoor water fountains, on the other hand, are up against high winds, heavy rains, organic debris and the temperature. In order to get the best results it is important to break the cleaning process down into simple steps that cater to your fountain inside and out. 

Removing Debris: The larger the fountain, the harder it is to clean. Wider models might mean having to wade into water to remove unwanted items while fountains with multiple tiers require climbing up on ladders or stepping on slippery surfaces. One wrong step can lead to serious injury but our team of Puddle Pros come equipped with top safety equipment and tools designed to reach these complex areas. 

Treating Water: Fountain water should be kept clean and clear, just like pool water. Clean water isn’t just beneficial from a visual perspective but from a health and safety perspective, as well. Chemically balanced water runs smoother, looks better and prevents algae growth and bacteria. 

Cleaning Filtration Systems: Running water is clean water and a failing circulation system is a major problem. It is impossible to scoop out every piece of debris that enters your swim space, and that is where filters become so important. If filters are not cleaned regularly they will develop clogs and it will become difficult for water to pass through. Fountain pumps are designed to push water through plumbing lines. If filters are preventing water from flowing through smoothly the pumps have to work harder, using more energy and driving up utility bills.

Deep Cleans: Even with a regular water fountain cleaning program it is important to deep clean water systems as part of your annual routine. This process involves a multi-step chemical treatment that runs through lines, loosening and pulling out any buildup that has formed inside. This is then pulled into the basin and water can be drained. Once empty, concrete surfaces can be acid washed or in the case of liners, can be heavily scrubbed. Water levels can then be refilled and chemically treated for a fresh start. 

Professional Water Fountain Cleaning: Custom Cleaning Programs That Work 

With years of industry experience under our belts Puddle technicians have seen it all! By offering options for routine cleaning programs, service calls, deep cleans, seasonal treatments and deep cleans there is something for everyone at Puddle. In addition to great results, Puddle Pros provide peace of mind with fully insured staff and services, as well as affordable rates and transparent pricing. 

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