Cambridge Pool Leak Detection

Water loss is never good but when it comes to a swimming pool, it is a serious issue. More than a water stain under a sink, swimming pool leaks can displace soil, flood basements, drown lawns and cause water damage to surrounding areas. When your water level begins to drop, don’t hesitate to call Puddle for your Cambridge pool leak detection. 

Part of what means leak detection in pools so complicated is figuring out if you are dealing with a leak in the first place! There are a few ways that water loss can occur naturally in outdoor pools, so it can be complicated to diagnose a problem area versus a natural drop in water level. Luckily, our team of local Puddle Pros are here to help diagnose problem areas, isolate affected areas and help to organize any necessary repairs. 

Mark Your Pool Water Level: How to Diagnose a Leak 

At the height of summer your swimming pool is likely being used frequently. High heats will cause water to evaporate and having many swimmers stepping in and out of your pool water will also lead to water loss. On average, a swim space will lose between 3-5 inches of water on a weekly basis. If you notice that you are losing more than this without a reason, it is time to consider that you might be dealing with a leak. 

One way to assess water loss is with a bucket test. This process involves filling a bucket with water and setting it next to pools so they are exposed to the same conditions. It is important to mark the water level in both. If, after a couple of days, the water level outside the bucket (in the pool) has dropped more than the water in the bucket, there is likely a leak in your system. 

Diagnosing a water leak is a big victory but it is also only the first step toward a solution. Next, it is time to locate the leak! When dealing with an above ground pool it is possible to visually track water loss because all components are above ground but with an inground pool, structures and plumbing are buried. Luckily, leak detection specialists come equipped with all of the necessary tools and techniques to perform pressure tests and dye tests. 

Dye Tests: This process is best used for tracking structural leaks or water loss stemming from tears in vinyl liners. It involves applying coloured dyes to still pool water. Dyes are then attracted to vacuums created by leaks which can be tracked visually. 

Pressure Testing: Tracking down plumbing leaks is a complicated process but our team of experienced technicians are fully outfitted with top leak detection equipment to track and isolate problem areas. When a steady stream of air flow is applied to plumbing and return lines, it will create air bubbles if it comes into contact with a crack or opening. In the case of an underground leak it will create gurgling sounds that can be tracked with listening equipment. 

Puddle Pool Leak Detection Services: The Best Results For Your Swim Space 

If you suspect your pool is losing water, don’t hesitate to call an expert. When a leak is caught early you have a much better chance of simple repairs but the longer you wait, the worse the issues become. For example, a small leak in a pool liner can be repaired with a vinyl patch but over time tears will become worse and worse until they need a full replacement. Calling Puddle at the first sign of water loss can help to mitigate damage and set the stage for successful repairs from local professionals in the Cambridge area. 

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