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The internet is full of tips for fall pool maintenance but some of these can do more harm than good. Ontario might be a winter wonderland but as soon as temperatures begin to drop, your swimming pool is at risk. When the fall season comes around swimming pools are used less frequently but that doesn’t mean that they don’t still need a little bit of TLC. Preparing your swim space for cold weather isn’t as easy as throwing on a winter cover and forgetting about it until spring. Professional Cambridge pool closing services protest swim spaces from damage caused by cold weather and pave the way for an easier opening in spring. 

Fall Pool Care: Protecting Your Pool From Winter Weather 

At the height of summer managing water chemistry is a top priority, particularly if you are using your swim space regularly. As it gets cold, pools are used less frequently and regular chemical applications and debris removal is easily overlooked but this is a big mistake. Failing to close your pool properly can lead to serious and widespread damage, as well as algae growth and high rates of contamination. If you don’t want to find yourself dealing with the aftermath of an amateur closing or DIY disaster, call an expert to set your swim space up for success. 

Prevent Damage Caused by Freezing: It is no secret that water will freeze over when exposed to sub-zero temperatures. Large amounts of water will take prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures for an entire pool basin to freeze over but the small amounts of water sitting inside return lines, pool pumps and equipment are another story. Cold temperatures make plastic brittle and frozen water expands inside water systems and will lead to burst pipes. The best way to avoid a worst-case scenario is to drain the water from your pool so the water level falls a few inches below the skimmer line, winterizing drain plugs and flushing return and plumbing lines. 

Avoid Algae Growth: Even if you aren’t using your swimming pool, algae, bacteria and contaminants are serious issues. The best way to prevent algae and bacteria buildup is with a measured chemical treatment plan but this is tough throughout the off-season. A proper application of winter chemicals will not only prevent algae blooms from forming, it will reduce the risk of freezing and the damage that it causes. 

Protect Pool Equipment: Whether you are dealing with an above ground pool or an inground pool, each of these depends on a series of many moving parts to keep them going. Flushing lines is a great step toward avoiding burst pipes but it is also a good idea to remove any detachable components that can be removed, dried and stored over the winter. Keeping your pool covered is always a good idea but which cover you choose will have a direct impact on your overall pool condition. Mesh covers in spring and summer can help to heat water by allowing sunlight to reach pool water but what helps in spring will hurt in fall. Solid winter covers prevent exposure to sunlight and reduce the rate of algae growth. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Pool Closings For Homes & Commercial Properties 

A test kit might be able to help you identify issues with your chlorine levels but they aren’t enough to help you build an effective winter chemical program. Instead of taking matters into your own hands, let a local expert handle the heavy lifting for you. A proper closing doesn’t just help to avoid unnecessary damage, it makes it easier to open your pool in spring. 

Our Puddle technicians are local to Cambridge and the surrounding area so we understand what your swimming pool is up against. In order to get the best results for our clients, Puddle technicians provide full-service pool cleanings that range from basic debris removal, water balancing, as well as more complicated processes like emptying/changing sand filters or cleaning cartridge filters to keep your systems running smoothly. 

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