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For many Ontario residents, the ideal home includes a swimming pool — and for good reason! Kicking back poolside is a great way to soak up the sunshine, host parties and a solid swim space can add a lot of value and enjoyment to any home. With so many benefits you are probably asking, Well, what’s the downside? The answer to this question is simple: keeping it clean! Pool maintenance is not an “every once in a while” practice, it requires consistency and technical skill, which Puddle Pros have in spades. Puddle technicians are committed to keeping swim spaces safe with reliable and effective Cambridge residential pool services. 

It is easy to enjoy a swimming pool in a fitness centre or hotel, mostly because you can pack up and walk away without any of the upkeep. Unfortunately, pool care at home is left completely up to homeowners. Whether you are new to the world of pool care, are struggling to dial in cleaning routines in a new space or are just sick of spending your leisure time skimming and scrubbing, your local Puddle Pro is here to help! 

How to Keep Your Pool Cleaner, Over Longer Periods 

Anyone can stock up on testing kits, pool vacuums, skimmers and tools but having a shed full of supplies does not guarantee results. It can take weeks or months to fully understand what makes your water systems tick — and as soon as you nail down a spring cleaning program, the needs of your pool will change. Pool cleaning is not a concrete system but changes with the seasons, temperatures and surrounding areas. It can be tough to keep up but our Puddle Pros have developed a system that works! 

Balancing Water Chemistry: Basic test strips can help to point out glaring issues with your pool water but they don’t tell you how to fix them. Shocking the pool when water starts to go cloudy is the first step toward restoring water condition but it definitely isn’t the last. Maintaining a sanitary swim space depends on balancing chlorine levels, pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. In the wrong hands pool chemicals can be dangerous, so leave these applications to the experts. 

Dealing with Debris: Even with a pool cover on, you are going to get unwanted items in your water systems. Flipping the switch on a robotic pool cleaner can help to pick up debris from flat, open spaces but dealing with corners, angles and steps means needing a manual pool vacuum. In addition to sucking up debris that has sunken to the bottom of your pool, it is important to empty skimmer baskets and scoop up unwanted items floating along water surfaces. 

Cleaning Filtration Systems: As much as you might try it isn’t possible to pick up every piece of debris that lands in your pool water. The goal of a pool filter is to catch and hold small pieces of debris while letting filtered water pass through, back into basins. Over time these filters will become clogged up, making it harder for water to pass through. This puts strain on circulation systems, most notably pool pumps. If there is no water circulating in your pool, chemicals are not being properly dispersed and water will become contaminated in no time. A cartridge filter should be taken out, cleaned and reinstalled every 3-4 months while sand filters should be emptied and refilled with clean sand every 3-5 years. 

Seasonal Treatments: Keeping pools in great shape all year long depends on reliable seasonal care. From dropping the water level in fall to prevent damage caused by freezing, to restoring water condition in spring, it is always a better idea to call an expert to manage your swim space as seasons change. 

Residential Pool Care: Getting the Best Results With Help From Puddle 

Each member of the Puddle team is local to Cambridge and the surrounding area. This means we can provide timely service, and that we know what your swim space is up against. Don’t bother with trial and error when you can call a local Pro for the best results, the first time around. In order to meet the needs of our clients, Puddle technicians offer service options ranging from routine cleaning programs, seasonal care, deep cleans, pool inspections and pool leak detection. Expert customer service, excellent results, affordable rates and peace of mind are all a phone call away! 

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