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Having an accessible swimming pool is great. A pool makes it easy to unwind after a stressful work day or host friends and family during the swim season. There’s no doubt that swimming pools come along with a ton of benefits but they also require a lot of attention and upkeep. Maintaining clean water and functional water systems requires pool owners to be vigilant and that can be tough with an already busy schedule — but our Puddle Pros are here to help! Cambridge pool cleaning services keep water clean, internal systems running smoothly and reduce the risk of costly damage. Kick back and relax while a Puddle technician handles the heavy lifting and keeps your swim space in great shape. 

When you want to keep your pool clean, you’ll have to do more than skim the surface and toss in a chlorine puck every now and then. Proper pool maintenance is a complicated process that involves cleaning and monitoring pool surfaces, water condition, filters and equipment. In order to keep up with every part of pool systems Puddle technicians have broken the cleaning process down into multiple steps that address swimming pools at the surface and behind the scenes. 

Pool Care: A Multi-Step Process 

When you start to notice cloudy water shocking the pool is a no-brainer but this isn’t enough to restore your water condition. Pool water needs to be chemically treated regularly in order to stay clean but condition also depends on a wide rank of moving parts. You can spend a fortune on test strips and pool chemicals but getting the right results only comes from experience and technical skill — and our Puddle Pros have these in spades! 

Water Chemistry: A basic testing kit might alert you to imbalanced chlorine levels but balanced pool water depends on many different chemical levels. When you want to maintain sanitary water it is important to monitor sanitizers as well as pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. 

Debris Removal: A pool vacuum is great for picking up items in flat, open areas but they aren’t able to navigate corners, hard angles or stairs. For these cases it is better to use manual vacuums to dig deep into these areas, removing even the most stubborn buildup. It is also important to empty skimmer baskets and pay attention to pool filters. 

Filtration Systems: The aim of any pool filter is to trap and hold small items while allowing filtered water to pass through and back into basins. If a filter isn’t cleaned regularly it will become clogged and it will take more energy to push water through. This means added strain on internal components like the pool pump and this wear and tear can lead to the need for premature repairs and replacements. A cartridge filter should be removed, cleaned and reinstalled every several months while a sand filter should be emptied and refilled with clean sand even 3-5 years. 

Puddle Pool Services: Keeping Your Pool Cleaner, Over Longer Periods 

When it comes to pool care it is always best to adopt a “quality over quantity” approach and that is the difference between professional care and an amateur approach. Superficial results on a daily basis are not as effective as a customized cleaning program designed for your unique swim space. By offering options for routine care, service calls, seasonal treatments, pool inspections and pool leak detection, there is nothing that our team of experts can’t handle. 

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