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When winter weather starts to give way to spring Cambridge residents are eager to get outside and soak up the sunshine and there is no better place to do this than in a pool. As easy as it is to enjoy a clean and inviting swim space, crystal clear water doesn’t just happen! After months of disuse pools are likely green, swampy and uninviting. Contaminated water doesn’t just look terrible, it is a serious risk to health and safety. Making the most out of the swim season is as simple as calling Puddle for your Cambridge pool opening service. 

Swimming pools look like simple structures from the outside but they are more complicated than meets the eye. Pools are made up of many moving parts, some of these are easily visible while others are hard at work behind the scenes. A proper pool opening should account for internal systems, as well as water care and surrounding areas and that is why our Puddle Pros have broken the opening process down into multiple steps so nothing is overlooked and systems are left looking and functioning better than ever. 

Spring Pool Care: The Best Way to Open Your Pool for the Season 

Over the course of the off-season your swimming pool is left up to the elements. Even with a proper pool closing and winter cover, debris has a way of making its way into water systems. The presence of organics in water will lead to rot and contamination, as well as encouraging algae growth. This means having to clear cloudy or discoloured water but an opening also means caring for the internal systems that keep water flowing. 

The first step to opening your swim space in spring is to undo the closing process. During a closing, winterizing plugs and dropping water levels is common practice. When opening, it is easy to grab a garden hose to restore water levels but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Shocking the pool is a great first step toward water balance but this isn’t enough to restore water condition to the point that it is sanitary. 

Remove Debris: Even with a pool cover on debris will find its way underneath. This means pulling back a cover in spring to see a blanket of leaves, dirt and unwanted debris sitting at the bottom of your pool. Flipping the switch on a pool vacuum might be enough to remove some of this but they aren’t designed to reach into tight angles. Proper debris removal means using manual vacuums to navigate corners and stairs, as well as speciality brushes to safely scrub away any residue that might have formed on pool walls near the water line. It is also important to empty skimmer baskets for a completely fresh start in spring. 

Check the Pool Filter: When clean, pool fillers are able to trap unwanted items, usually small bits and pieces, preventing them from circulating back into water. If filters are clogged it is harder for water to pass through and that means needing more energy to keep things flowing. Your pool pump and filter are a dynamic duo and the condition of one will have a direct impact on the other. If filters are clogged pool pumps will have to work hard to push water through, which causes unnecessary wear, tear and strain. 

Test Your System: There is nothing worse than diving into freezing cold pool water but if your heater fails that is exactly what you’ll be doing. A broken pool pump will stop water from circulating and that means contamination. By having an expert inspect pool equipment and components you can rest easy knowing that your systems are running smoothly. 

Balance Water: Restoring water condition after months of sitting idle will take more than a basic test kit and a single shock treatment. In order to maintain a sanitary swim space means balancing chlorine levels, as well as pH levels, calcium and total alkalinity. 

Pool Maintenance Made Easy: Just Call Puddle! 

For many pool owners, seasonal cleanings and care can be overwhelming. Don’t rely on basic tools and test strips to balance water or restore condition when you can call in the big guns. Every member of the Puddle team is not only highly trained and experienced, they are local to your area. Don’t miss out on the first days of the swim season when you can call Puddle for quick, efficient, reliable and affordable pool opening services. 

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