Peachland Water Feature Maintenance

Whether indoors or outside, fountains and water features require a lot of care and maintenance. From hook-ups to water chemistry and filtration systems, there is a lot to keep track of. Even a bit of neglect can lead to algae growth, bacteria and unsanitary environments. Calling the pros for your Peachland water feature maintenance means a clean running system and a great look for your space.

Not all water features are built the same way, so treatments should always be catered to the unique needs of your space. Treating an outdoor water fountain will be very different than caring for an indoor fountain. White scale and algae buildup are all problematic for the overall health of your system. When you want to keep your system running smoothly, call a Puddle Pool expert today.

Water Fountain Cleaning: Getting the Best Results

More than just a simple garden fountain, indoor water fountains have their own set of unique needs. Treating outdoor fountain pumps is one thing but turning your attentions to indoor areas means catering your approach to the amount of traffic and unique characteristics of your surrounding areas.

Outdoor fountains, for example, are prone to algae and more natural pressures but inside, there is a whole host of other issues to deal with. Imbalanced water chemistry can allow bacteria to build and can lead to algae. Hard water can also lead to mineral deposits that build between tiles and clog up motors and vulnerable areas. A trained eye can help to diagnose problem areas before they begin to impact your system.

In-depth fountain care means handling even the most vulnerable aspects of your water feature. Wall fountains, for example might require removing a panel to see the area behind the front facing areas of a water feature. Opening these areas make it possible to clean the pump, but an amateur approach can lead to unnecessary damage.

Choosing Puddle Pools for Your Water Fountain Care

Whether you are hoping to treat a water feature that has been showing signs of strain or one that has been out of commission, our highly trained crews can help. Opening a feature for Spring or closing down a pool for Winter is not as simple as taking the time to cover the fountain. Regular treatments can help to eliminate murky water and any unwanted odour that comes from stagnant water.

Proper fountain maintenance means being able to reach areas that are both easily accessible and those that are behind the scenes. With years of experience under their belts, our team of Puddle Pool Pros are able to treat water features of any size. We know that fountains require a customized approach to care and maintenance, and our experts can provide just that. When you are ready to get your fountain running smoothly, call today for your free estimate.

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