Peachland Pool Cleaning

The Okanagan is known for its beautiful sprawling greenery and there is no better way to enjoy it than from a pool. When you want to kick back in crystal clear water, there is no better option than the Peachland pool cleaning service from Puddle Pools. Our team of experts can handle water features indoor and out, taking the heavy lifting off of you, so you can take a dip and relax.

Robotic pool cleaners are a great way to get sunken leaves off the bottom of your pool but they don’t help with water chemistry. Test strips can help to give you an indication that your water is not balanced but they do not offer insight into how to fix the issue. When you hire a Puddle Pool specialist, water surfaces are cleaned, as well as pool bottoms and water is clean and sanitary.

What Makes Pool Care So Important?

Whether you have moved into a property with a pool or have had one newly installed, these features are a big investment, both financially and in time and effort. With an already busy schedule, it can be difficult to keep up with the demands of your pool and spa. Even a bit of neglect can have a major impact on the overall condition of your pool.

At its best, a pool or hot tub is a great way to relax and get a bit of exercise but if water features are not properly maintained, you might be dealing with expensive damage and risk of recreational water illnesses. Proper sanitizer and chemical application prevents algae and other bacteria from taking over.

Slimy water and surfaces are an indication of harmful bacteria collection. In addition to water care, it is important  to treat sides and pool bottoms underneath the surface. Sunken leaves or debris can wreck your pool liner while slimy stairs or flooring leads to slips and falls which can mean serious bodily injury. Measuring proper chlorine levels and pH levels can be complicated, but not for our highly trained crews!

The Perks of Professional Pool Service

Swimming pools are not just made up of one distinct feature but are made up of many moving parts. When carrying out a proper clean, it is important to consider your filtration system and your pool equipment. A functional pool filter is key to proper maintenance and results. Even if you are able to treat water and balance chemicals, proper inspection of filters and circulation systems can prevent damage to motors which are costly to repair.

During regular pool maintenance practices, it is easy to become too focused on pool water and leave the rest behind. When you hire a professional to care for your backyard oasis, you can rest easy knowing that your feature is being kept in tip-top shape. More than a simple testing kit, Puddle Pool experts can help to analyze and assess the condition of many different aspects of your space.

You can rely on your pool vacuum to an extent but when it comes to caring for other aspects of pool equipment and care, such as skimmer baskets and pool covers. Never let bacteria go undetected when you can call a Puddle Pool Pro for service around your residential, commercial or multi-unit property.

Fully insured staff provide great results and peace of mind for any and all pool types. When you want the best results for your Peachland property, call Puddle Pros for seasonal maintenance, as well as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly scheduled cleaning.

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