Mission Water Feature Maintenance

Water fountains add character and personality to both homes and commercial properties, indoors and out. When kept clean water features provide soothing sounds and great visuals but without regular maintenance, it doesn’t take long for fountains to start looking swampy. Whether you are installing a new fountain or taking over an existing one, book your Mission water feature maintenance with Puddle. 

Outdoor water fountains are up against the elements in the same way that swimming pools or hot tubs are but they don’t get the same level of care or attention. You might not swim in a fountain but that’s not a reason to let water go green or swampy. In fact, a neglected fountain can be a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes and are risks to health, safety and surrounding areas. Instead of learning to live with poor visuals and broken parts, call Puddle for a routine cleaning program that works! 

Water Fountain Care: What to Know 

Outdoor fountains are at risk of algae growth, organic debris and natural contamination. When inside you are more likely dealing with white scale or mineral deposits and manmade contaminations like spills. In either case the only way to keep water clean and running smoothly is with a regular cleaning routine. 

Taking care of a fountain isn’t as easy as skimming out unwanted items and scrubbing sides with a bit of mild soap. They might seem simple from the outside but a water feature is made up of complicated systems and materials. In order to get the best results for your fountain it is important to treat structures, as well as internal water systems. 

How to Remove Debris: Depending on the size and style of your fountain scooping out unwanted items can be a complicated process. In wider models, you might have to wade out into water in order to reach floating debris in the middle of a basin. When dealing with taller models you might find yourself having to climb up on ladders or step on slippery surfaces. One wrong step can result in serious injury. Luckily, local Puddle Pros have all of the necessary tools and safety equipment to reach even the toughest areas for a better-than-ever clean. 

Water Treatments: Unlike a basic sink or bathtub, you can’t just drain out water when it starts to look cloudy. Without regular chemical treatments it won’t take long for water to go from clear to cloudy, and then turn teal and eventually green. Without chemical treatments, algae will start to build up. 

Keeping Internal Water Systems Moving: Getting rid of buildup and debris does more than improve visuals around your fountain. The goal of a filtration system is to trap and hold unwanted items while letting filtered water flow back into basins. If filters are clogged, it is harder for water to work through systems, meaning fountain pumps have to work harder. When outdoor fountain pumps are left woking overtime, it will cause unnecessary wear and tear on your components. Having to repair or replace a fountain pump is an expensive process but regular maintenance can help you prolong the lifespan of equipment. Experts can remove the pump or clean around it during a thorough cleaning to ensure that 

Seasonal Water Feature Care: When you want to keep your fountain running, it is important to prepare it for cold weather and the spring season. Dropping water levels before the weather starts to get frosty prevents water from expanding inside systems and causing pipes to burst. 

Cleaning Structures: When exposed to the elements, concrete structures will start to look a little grimy over time. Unlike an indoor surface you can’t just aim basic cleaners at these surfaces and bleach away discolouration. In fact, the wrong tools or cleansers can cause unexpected damage. A deep cleaning involves draining the water whenever possible. From here, surfaces can be power washed and scrubbed clean with speciality brushes. Then, it is time to add water, balance chemicals and watch that water flow! 

Book your water fountain cleaning today and keep systems running smoothly and looking their best! 

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Eva Eva
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Awesome job cleaning and servicing our hot tub! Will definitely be using them again! Really good customer service!

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If you are looking for a professional and quality service for your equipment, Puddle is the best choice. I used their service for the pre winter maintanance, and I was very happy with their approach from the initial communication with the customer service to the service itself. Steve was on time and except the service we paid for, he gave us some uselfull advice how to take care of the equipment. Highly recommend!

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