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Mission is known for its natural beauty but that does not mean that property owners don’t enjoy a good pool! Well-kept water features can help to improve the look of your space, add to property values and can be a great way to relax after a long day. As great as it might be to kick back in a pool or hot tub, taking care of these isn’t always easy! 

Relying on local Mission pool cleaning services can prolong the lifespan of your feature and cut costs on unnecessary repairs or replacements. Let Puddle Pool specialists create a clean and welcoming environment from top to bottom. When you want to maintain your pool, it means skimming surfaces, scrubbing walls, and most importantly, inspecting filtration systems. 

What Happens to Unkept Pools? 

When it comes to household chores, it is easy to procrastinate. After a long day, it is always more appealing to relax for a while than it is to dig out pool supplies and get back to work. Whether at home or at work, maintaining a pool and spa requires constant work and even a bit of neglect can lead to harmful bacteria. 

Many pool owners are familiar with crystal clear water but the second that pool chemistry is comprised, this takes a turn for the worse. If sanitizer or chlorine levels begin to dip down, water can begin to discolour, switching from clear to teal. A vinyl liner might have an impact on colouration of water but there is no denying algae and bacteria when it begins to form! 

You might be more familiar with algae in natural bodies of water like ponds or lakes but it is not impossible to form in enclosed systems like pools, fountains and spas. Pool circulation systems and filters help to remove unwanted items but just running your pump is not enough to keep things running smoothly. Proper pool care means assessing sanitizer levels, pH levels and whether or not there is algae present. A testing kit might offer up a glimpse of your system’s health but when you want real results – call an expert! 

Calling Professional Pool Cleaners in Mission 

It is simple enough to grab a skimmer and scoop up floating leaves, insects and other light debris. If this is not done quickly, organics sink and can even stain the bottom of pool liners. A pool filter or vacuum is meant to trap and hold these unwanted items but this is not always the case. Getting rid of stains means brushing your pool sides, flooring and the surrounding area in order to remove stains and their causes. 

Spot treatments can help to keep up with the everyday needs of your water system but deep cleans can also be in the cards, depending on the level of traffic and condition of your feature. If algae has begun to form, scrubbing away can help to remove growth while a shock treatment prevents algae from forming again. 

Balancing pool chemicals and applying algaecides might seem simple but when used in the wrong numbers, these chemicals can cause irritations to eyes and skin. In order to keep swimmers safe, Puddle pool specialists bring industry experience and technological knowledge right to your door for the best possible results! 

In order to best serve our clients, Puddle pool specialists offer tiered service. Choose the best service according to your property type. Communal spaces or commercial pools usually require weekly services while less travelled spaces might need bi-weekly and monthly services. Services can be booked according to weekly, bi-weekly and monthly schedules. 

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Eva Eva
5 out of 5

Awesome job cleaning and servicing our hot tub! Will definitely be using them again! Really good customer service!

Martina Kalášková
5 out of 5

If you are looking for a professional and quality service for your equipment, Puddle is the best choice. I used their service for the pre winter maintanance, and I was very happy with their approach from the initial communication with the customer service to the service itself. Steve was on time and except the service we paid for, he gave us some uselfull advice how to take care of the equipment. Highly recommend!

Stephanie Ponzini
5 out of 5

I'm glad there's somwhere to go to so I don't have to worry about our hot tub. They take all the work out of it and just let you enjoy! Highly recommend, ask for Jaqueline

Stefan Lukacovsky
5 out of 5

I was impressed with the quality and professionalism and can just highly recommend this business. Well done and thank you again. Famed was amazing

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